Saturday, September 11, 2004

Third Anniversary

Perhaps by design, perhaps by Fate, I just received (after waiting months? a year?) the free DVD Up From Zero from the Department of Labor, a documentary about the workers at Ground Zero, just in time for the third anniversary.

Unfortunately, it seems this offer may be over; I can't find any mention of if at their website anymore.

At this time I would like to recall one of the strangest of the many "you can't make this up" rescue stories from that terrible time. If the Hand of Providence is ever to be detected in the Affairs of Men, it is in events such as this. An excerpt:
Two of the last three to be located and saved were Port Authority police officers. They were not discovered by a heroic firefighter, or a rescue worker, or a cop. They were discovered by Dave Karnes.

Karnes hadn't been near the World Trade Center. He wasn't even in New York when the planes hit the towers. He was in Wilton, Conn., working in his job as a senior accountant with Deloitte & Touche. When the second plane hit, Karnes told his colleagues, "We're at war." He had spent 23 years in the Marine Corps infantry and felt it was his duty to help. Karnes told his boss he might not see him for a while.

Then he went to get a haircut.
Read the rest here.

And Never Forget.


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