Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Olympian Outrages

So, the Olympics is shaping up to illustrate in microcosm the craven weaknesses of Western international institutions.

First, observe this editorial cartoon by the inestimable Cox and Forkum. Taiwan, a real country, is being forced to compete under the fictitious name of "Chinese Taipei", and its own flag and anthem are banned from use if they win any medals. This is a disgusting outrage of monstrous proportions. You'd think Taiwan were some kind of international pariah to receive such treatment. Rather than ban the Chicoms from the games for such an imperialistic demand, the IOC meekly agrees, and everyone looks the other way, allowing the Olympics to by whored out for purposes of communist propaganda.

On the reverse side of the appeasement coin, in some demonic symmetry, the IOC bends in the other direction and allows a delegation from Palestine, a fictitious country, to compete independently. I suppose the IOC has an embassy there? They're in the business of determining for the international community now what governments are legitimate and which are not? So, the terror-regime of Arafat's criminal cronies is more legitimate than peacefully self-governing Taiwan?

Remember, this is the entity still ruled by the very same person whose terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972! An event for which the IOC refuses a commemorative event, to not offend the Arabs.

And of course we've heard of the Iranian who dropped out of the Judo competition so as not to be forced the indignity of facing a subhuman Israeli jew. Will Iran be boycotted like South Africa? Will it be penalized in any way for this affront to human dignity? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? What part of "never again" doesn't the world understand?

And to top it all off, I recently heard the US basketball team lost to...Puerto Rico. Interesting, I thought Puerto Rico wasn't an independent country, but a US territory. But I guess them's the Rules.

Apparently the IOC sees the world through a lens of fantasy, of how it wishes things to be. Who funds this organization?

You, the American Taxpayer.


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