Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Scrapbook

A photo essay from my internet scrapbook.


Three years ago today, this pair set out to destroy us. They forced innocent people to make this horrific choice. They believe this, and want to impose the Shariah lifestyle where women know their place.

Do their minions look familiar?

When we mourned, others celebrated and cheered, despite the irony. Witness this cute toy popular in Gaza. Note the fine attention to detail around the bases of the towers, recalling these people. And this toy. And this one. (Thanks, China...)

Just part of being a kid. Just teaching values to the young.

Saddam did not plan these attacks. But he sure didn't mind.

But some in this country would rather he were still in power, and wish terrorists to be avenged. Just don't question their patriotism, even when groups like ANSWER openly advocate murder and mutiny, and wish the terrorists will win.

This is the true sentiment of the Stooges on the Left.

Memo to Iran: your days of doing this (WARNING: DISTURBING) are numbered.

Wakeup, America!





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