Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Media Ghouls

I intended to write an essay about the "grim milestone", as the Media Ghouls would promote it, of the 1,000th combat death in Iraq. This portrayal has no purpose but to damage our morale and sap our will, so I won't even link to the headline.

Enemy propagandists could not do better if they tried. "Lord Haw-Haw", alias William Joyce, believed WW2 to be a pointless unnecessary war instigated by Jews and International Bankers.

All he did was broadcast demoralizing propaganda into Britain.

And he was executed as a traitor at Nuremburg in 1946.

They had more moral clarity back then. They were less interested in scoring cheap political points -- treating the issue as a big game -- and more interested in winning for the broader goal of bequeathing the benefits of our free, prosperous society to future generations.

However, I discovered an essay on this topic had already been written, that even used my intended title!

I cannot improve upon it. Read it here.


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