Saturday, September 04, 2004

Civic Duty

As members of the militia, it is the civic responsibility of all people capable of bearing arms to be prepared to do so.

The militia is not an anachronism, as tragically demonstrated today in Russia. I quote excerpts from a blogger translating local news stories:

Head of the North Osetian parliament asked the civilian population to organize itself into groups and patrol the town looking for the escaping terrorists.
And comments found on another blog stated

seven are in another building being pounded by tanks and the rest are fleeing through the countryside pursued by local citizens with deer rifles.
its now been reported that the ones who tried to flee across country (now numbered at 13) are holed up in a house, surrounded by local civilians who are shooting the place apart, brick by brick.

The best-selling deer rifle in Russia is the Tigr, a civilianized version of the Dragunov SVD. Its wickedly accurate.
This is the militia in action.

It no longer seems to be right-wing paranoid fantasies that dozens of armed Islamic terrorists might rampage through some small, remote town here now, does it? It would be easy for them to arrange to ambush and neutralize the local police and block off the area for quite enough time to slaughter your children.

This is what they wish to do, proven by both word and deed.

The only defense is you, the armed citizen.

The militia.

Patrick Henry observed that
The militia, sir, is our ultimate safety. We can have no security without it... The great object is, that every man be armed.
Free men, sovereigns unto themselves, are armed; slaves are not.

How to proceed in this modern era? Congress has not followed George Washington's wishes to provide for equipping and regularly training the militia.

Or has it? At least, in accordance with its power to equip the militia, it has established the Civilian Marksmanship Program to supply surplus WW2/Korean War-era M1 Garand semi-automatic battle rifles to qualified members of the public.

That's right, for the bargain price of $300-$400 (probably 1/4 retail!), the FedEx man will deliver this venerable arm, called "the greatest battle implement ever devised" by General Patton, right to your door!

All I had to do was join the state shooting organization for about $30 (or one can join an actual local shooting club, but that often takes time, connections, and more money), and then went to a standard clinic hosted by a CMP-participating club for the cost of $15, which bought me 50 rounds of ammo, a loaned rifle, and some basic instruction.

I then spent some time shooting from standard match positions -- standing, prone, sitting, rapid, slow -- but no minimum score is required, just get the 50 rounds down range to get your certificate to complete your application!

After a few hours on a hot summer day, I was thirsty, tired, burned, and bruised from the recoil. It was great.

A few weeks later I got my M1. According to the serial numbers, it seems to be a late 1945 model, rebuilt in the early 1950s.

Get your piece of history.

And be prepared to perform you civic duty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And even a fat, 62 years-old guy like me could be a part. I was once a marksman on the college rifle team. I have always considered the final defense of freedom was an armed populace. The next most important is the jury system under Constitutional law.

12:03 AM, September 06, 2004  

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