Monday, September 27, 2004


A clarification to the previous posting, "Elections & Foreigners" -- it was implied, but perhaps not obvious, that when I was talking about foreign opinions not mattering, it was intended specifically with respect to United States policies. I did not mean that in a broader sense!

As a further example, I recall this same Portugese student was also at the time circulating petitions in support of gun bans, which I felt was outrageous meddling in our affairs, especially as he was not planning on living here very long anyway.

And my recommendation is for them to strengthen themselves so as not to be overly pre-occupied with U.S. issues, rather than demanding a vote to compensate their own weakness.

This illustrates the impulse behind claims we must be beholden to the United Nations, which in effect gives the rest of the world an unearned veto power over our actions.


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