Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Offensive Continues

The offensive to oust the insurgents in the Sunni triangle continues, with the Marines now attacking in Babil, following the Big Red One routing the enemy from Samarra.

A "milblogger" from the front lines writes about Samarra here.

An absolutely delusional fantasy from the "Iraqi Resistance" (on a site in Russia) is here, detailing how the Coalition attack was surrounded and defeated with heavy losses. Given all the reports from this site, its readers are sure the American ultimate defeat is near at hand, with thousands of GIs dead. The comments alone are priceless!

Won't they be surprised.

For example, it "reports"
A total of 7 helicopters were shot down beginning with a Black Hawk, then a Cobra, then another Cobra, then a Chinook which was being used to land troops west of Samara, then two Apache helicopters which were downed to the north of Samara. The weopns used to take down the helicopters were the "Strella, C5K, Dimotrov 14.5 ml".

The resistance also managed to destroy 4 Abram tanks, 7 Humer's, two transports and kill over 82 Iraqi occupation soldiers and 65 US soldiers.

After this attack, the US called in its F14 and F16 attack planes which bombed the city for a straight 8 hours using cluster bombs, napalm, and laser guided weapons. Fearing for the life of the city's inhabitants, the resistance withdrew from sections of Samara and moved to the surrounding villages and towns where it attempted to draw the US forces towards it and away from the city.
This is better than Baghdad Bob!

I confess I cannot resist countering in a juvenile fashion, and with these images about the recent unpleasantness in Najaf from the strategy page, illustrate the fundamental jihadi quation:

A + B = C.


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