Thursday, October 21, 2004


Kerry sez Bush has lost jobs -- the first President to do so since Hoover.
Only corporate payrolls show a net loss, and they've been going up every month for over a year. If you count all jobs from the Household Survey, we've actually seen an increase in 1.7 million jobs under Bush! Kerry is ignoring the self-employed such as realtors, contractors, farmers, and entrepreneurs, as well as government jobs.

Kerry sez the President will institute a Draft.
The army considers a 2-year unmotivated conscript to be absolutely worthless in today's high-tech force. They have no use for draftees; it's not going to happen. If we need more divisions, we can easily go back to troop levels of 1989 when we had 4 whole more divisions than today -- and that was all done with volunteers! So surely we could add the extra 1-2 divisions that are being talked about with volunteers. The army is even trying to reorganize current troops to increase combat power, they'd rather not even have more troops at all.

Edwards sez the President's stem-cell policies are keeping the crippled from walking.
All Bush has done is restrict Federal money for creating new lines of adult stem cells. Research is still ongoing with the adult stem cell lines that were already in existence. And State and private money is going into creating new adult stem cell lines. And there are no restrictions at all on non-adult stemm cell research. And the experts tell us there is no cure for paralysis any time soon coming from stem cells, regardless.

Kerry sez Iraq is a distraction from the War on Terror.
Since we're still in Afghanistan, isn't it logical that Iraq is at least just as much a "distraction" to the terrorists as it is to us? I mean, we're now forcing THEM to respond and fight back on multiple fronts, which surely distracts them from planning attacks on our Homeland. And who has the greater resources to wage a multi-front war? Who has the logistics and the transportation and the sheer numbers of highly-trained and well-armed combatants? Who can smother the opponent in dollars? Opening additional fronts was considered the key to winning WW2, as it allows us to grind down the opponent through attrition. When irregulars like terrorists get drawn into a war of attrition, they lose. It's completely unsustainable for them.

Kerry sez Bush has no "plan" to win the "peace."
Hmmm, let's see, there's an interim government in place. Elections are scheduled for January. Rebel strongholds are being methodically reduced. Hundreds of neighborhood councils have been formed. Schools are open. Electricity generation is up. Oil is being produced. Defense forces are being trained. How is that not a plan? How are things not moving forward? What does he expect, that unless every American gets a big binder labelled "The Plan" with a big pink bow on top, that there's no plan? Apparently.

Kerry sez Bush will take away Social Security.
Demographically, something eventually must be done. When it was started, there were 10 workers to support each retiree. Now there are only 3. And in a few decades, there will be less than 2. That just can't work. Nobody at or near retirement age is going to see any change. At least Bush says he's going to work on the problem; Kerry's "plan", according to what he said in the last debate, is literally to do nothing for several years. Since time is money, Bush will have a better chance by getting started sooner.

Kerry sez he will get more international cooperation.
France and Germany have already unequivocally ruled out sending troops or money to Iraq, no matter who is President. On that they've been quite clear. It's not like they have any military power to offer anyway; their militaries have atrophied to the point of near uselessness. Just about all of Europe's expeditionary combat power is already there, helping us, from the UK. And we're already quietly getting superb cooperation from international intelligence and law-enforcement agencies behind the scenes.

Unfounded scaremongering. Outrageous lies.

Everything Kerry sez is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

He's WRONG on the economy, WRONG on foreign affairs.

What's he got left to offer?



Blogger Chainsaw Johnny said...

On the jobs front...

I work in career services at a private university.
We just held our annual fall job fair.
Highest number of registrations ever.
First waiting list ever.
Employer interface with the office is booming.
In 3-6 months, I'd expect the corporate jobs picture to be sunny.

11:08 AM, October 21, 2004  

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