Friday, February 18, 2005

Well Said

Commenter Buddy Larsen at Belmot Club puts it very well:
The best face that can be put on the Western Left's performance in GWoT is that it believes the West is at fault in the war. The wealth/poverty gap grew too large and peace was no longer possible.
The frustration is that this is exactly the problem that OIF is meant to begin solving. Either narrow the gap by 911-ing the West into the 1930s, or by raising the ThirdWorld out of a poverty that both causes and is caused by an obsolete political model.

That the Left objects to the only solution that has been offered, for the problem the Left itself identifies, means either that cognition--because of poor schooling and pop culture?--has fallen below cultural-survival level, or that the Left has actually bought the Marxist critique that capitalism is too dynamic and cannot HELP but cause war, and that the solution to war is to rid ourselves of the Marketplace, which exists to feed us via discounting those imbalances.


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