Sunday, April 10, 2005


The SITE Institute reports a translation of an al-Qaeda communique:
A message posted on the internet to an al-Qaeda affiliated website concerning the current preparations for mujahideen in Iraq to travel to Saudi Arabia to “clear the land of al-Haramain (Saudi Arabia) from al-Saud and their masters (the Americans).”

The announcement claims the current plans, “which are not a secret from al-Saud and the intelligence (forces)..are currently underway in Iraq to shake the corners of al-Saud and clean up the values of our sacred country from their grip and their masters, the crusaders.”

According to the posting, “the country of the two rivers has plenty of the lions of the mujahideen…[to] clean our sacred country from al-Saud, the hypocrites and the masters, the crusaders.”

Praising the members of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia the communiqué says “the mujahideen in Arab peninsula did their duty until their blood was shed in the sake of Allah and they were killed for keeping this religion and fulfilling what the Prophets have said.” The message also warns however, “do not blame anyone but yourselves if you do not join the jihad.”
In other words,

Run Away!

And to destabilize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, no less!

Somebody pinch me!

Can you say "excuse for seizing the oil fields"?

China and Japan will be begging us to bring stability to the region, for their insatiable oil needs -- they rely on foreign oil even way more than we do.


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