Monday, June 13, 2005

"Infidel" is a Compliment!

The MSM tries to lull us to sleep. They can't hide the inherent bigotry of islam anymore, so attempt to sweep it under the rug. Consider this amazing statement:
Everyone has a wish at this Al-Qaeda cemetery.
The shrines show the logic of some people in the new Afghanistan, particularly those in the south and southeast, where the influence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda has been strongest. Those who come here do not necessarily support terrorists. Many say they do not hate the Afghan government or the U.S. forces. They welcome the upcoming elections and do not want war.

But these people are often desperate, for whatever reason, and they believe the dead men might help them. The visitors call the dead "martyrs" and the U.S. forces who killed them "infidels." But they mean that in the nicest way.
And what exactly is the "nicest" meaning of infidel?

That when they follow their prophet's orders to saw off your head, they'll use a sharp knife?

I can just see the author of this piece writing that with an earnest expression of confident self-delusion.

Nothing to see here, go to sleep...


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