Sunday, July 17, 2005

Foolish People

Lately there have been several expressions around the pro-GWOT net of despair over the continued unfathomable denial exercised by the anti-war and apparently suicidal left.

Given the excess of empirical evidence that there is indeed a religiously-motivated war being implacably waged against us by devout muslims according to the imperative for jihad in their ideology, that many still cling to blaming ourselves at this late date is baffling.

For example, see here:
You know, sometimes I honestly despair.

I listened this morning to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal - to the call-in portion of the show. I heard caller after caller after caller spouting absolute drivel until I finally had to turn it off. It actually made me angry. My hands were shaking. That bothered me because I’m not a man given to physical displays of anger.

What made me so angry was not that those callers were in possession of the facts and drew a different conclusion than I. It was that their facts were so wrong. Not just that, but they were wrong about things that any elementary-school kid who can use Google could find out. They were wrong about facts that were so easy to verify, if they had only put forth a basic amount of effort.

It was like listening to people condemning the voyage of the Queen Mary because they just knew it would fall off the edge of the world.

I hear that and I despair because I can only draw two conclusions: 1) that they have heard the facts and choose not to believe them; or 2) that they’re too damned lazy to find out the facts themselves.

How in God’s name can we ever fight a war when so many of our people can’t be bothered to make sure they have their facts straight before they condemn how we’re fighting it? I mean, how could we have posibly won World War II if so many of our population believed, for instance, that the President had engineered Pearl Harbor just to get us into the war, or believed that the Nazis were fighting solely because of Versailles?

We couldn’t have.
Read it all. It concludes,
We are going to have to turn our backs on these people. We are going to have to say plainly that they are foolish, that they are wrong, and that their unpatriotic drivel and obsession with hating our President and our nation means defeat and death and slavery. We are going to have to be blunt and plain and say that their words are as deadly to our freedoms and liberties as any car bomb or subway attack.
Dr. Sanity has looked at various psychological reasons that such defense mechanism as projection and denial would be at work.

And Prof. Victor Hanson details the defeatist "false narrative" that the left clings to, that revolves around the three key themes of moral equivalence, utopian pacifism, and the cult of multiculturalism:
These tenets in various forms are not merely found in the womb of the universities, but filter down into our popular culture, grade schools, and national political discourse — and make it hard to fight a war against stealthy enemies who proclaim constant and shifting grievances. If at times these doctrines are proven bankrupt by the evidence it matters little, because such beliefs are near religious in nature — a secular creed that will brook no empirical challenge.

These articles of faith apparently fill a deep psychological need for millions of Westerners, guilty over their privilege, free to do anything without constraints or repercussions, and convinced that their own culture has made them spectacularly rich and leisured only at the expense of others.

So it is not true to say that Western civilization is at war against Dark Age Islamism. Properly speaking, only about half of the West is involved, the shrinking segment that still sees human nature as unchanging and history as therefore replete with a rich heritage of tragic lessons.

This is nothing new.
But why does it seem to infect so many people today? One reason must be that simply, propaganda works, by and large. Most people, apparently, don't really know what to think, as they are dimly aware that they simply don't have all the facts, and so out of a strong desire to conform, just toe the line of "acceptable opinion." Not only is it scary and difficult to face the fact of an enemy, it's also really hard to not submit to peer pressure.

Against both of those hurdles, the will to face harsh, unpleasant reality falters.

When the media provides patriotic, pro-war and pro-America movies and viewpoints, as it did in abundance during ww2, everyone appears unified.

But when they relentlessly attack, the big third or so of people in the middle can easily have doubt placed in their minds.

I recall hearing somewhere that during the American Revolution, actually only about a third of the colonists supported the long and demoralizing war (Washington lost every one of his campaigns -- until the last one). One third remained Tories and the middle third didn't really care.

But we still won.

So don't despair.

The one-third or so of us that have our facts straight and our analysis well-considered can move mountains; we're far stronger in resources than our colonial Forefather Patriots.

It would be far easier to win, and tragically at probably far lower human cost, however, if the MSM and hollywood elites were on the right side of history.

Their deadweight that we must drag along to victory will be to their eternal shame.

And in the meantime, we must just turn out backs on the Foolish People.


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