Monday, August 22, 2005

National Geographic

There's a special on the road to 9/11 on National Geographic right now ("Inside 9/11"), and it's great. Part one (2 hours) is tonight, part two is tomorrow.

It's very comprehensive, and straightforward in its reporting.

It begins by going over how islamists in great numbers, in this very country, were openly preaching jihad, murder, and war (in arabic) against us infidels to large crowds for years.

These rallies of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood, and others were documented in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere. 32 cities in all are known in the "jihad network", according to National Geographic.

They even have video footage of these large meetings, with the "clerics" caught on tape saying things like:
Blood must flow. We must make widows and orphans.
And other statements that muslims must conquer the West by bloody jihad.

Make no mistake.

They are among us in large numbers, and mean to kill us without mercy.

The "muscle" hijackers even practiced throat-cutting on camels so they'd get used to killing without remorse.

UPDATE: I can't stress how comprehensive and free of politicization this program is! It clearly points out the alien mindset of these "simple" [i.e., deeply ignorant of the "modern" post-Renaissance world] people from Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is, in that they really, truly believe that killing for allah sends them to a literal paradise.

The vastness of the anti-American islamic networks and the depth of their implacable evil is clearly shown in this documentary.

It makes clear that bin Laden's goal was indeed to goad the U.S. to invade Afghanistan. Except he thought it would be a quagmire for us like it was for the USSR and lead to our similar dissolution.

The reasons the government didn't get bin Laden in the 90s are also shown, even though he opoenly declared war against us and attacked our embassies and other targets. In one case, his encampment seemed to have children in it, so the attack was called off. In another, he was out away from his children, but was on safari with an Arab prince from the United Arab Emirates, and it was deemed too important not to risk harming him. But on the other hand, one is known by the company one keeps, and he surely knew bin Laden was at war with the US at the time and therefore should not have been spared.

This is war, not law enforcement!

They mean to destroy our civilization, not steal some money!

Our response must become like a great blunt fist that starts pounding, and anything even remotely close to the target will be crushed. The obvious corollary is those wishing to avoid being crushed should get as far away as possible from our enemies, lest they be mistaken for one themselves.

Getting this information out 4 years late is better than never.

Everyone should see it.

UPDATE 2: This documentary also points out that some muslims in this country knew the attacks were about to happen. They were gleeful about it, of course. One story that has held up is that of a young student in NY who told his teacher on September 6 that the twin towers wouldn't be there next week. An LGF reader brings up this Mark Steyn piece:
Among the more interesting Muslim items this past year was a story that appeared last October 11 in the Journal News, a suburban New York newspaper. It concerned a student in a Brooklyn high school, who, on September 6, 2001, stared out of the window and told his teacher: "See those two buildings? They won't be standing there next week."

Many of us heard similar stories - supposedly "urban legends" - in the weeks after September 11, but only one reporter did anything about them. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro interviewed the teacher, Antoinette DiLorenzo, and the boy's brother - they're Palestinian immigrants. The Journal News ran the piece on page seven, lest it provoke - all together now - "a backlash". The story held up, which is more than Shapiro's career did. By the end of the day, he was no longer the Journal News crime reporter.
Don't forget how muslims cheered.


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