Thursday, September 29, 2005

It Takes A Village

Thailand's Buddhists have been brutalized by muslims lately:
Recent leaflets and word-of-mouth warnings in the south have called for all markets to shut on Fridays, Islam's traditional day of rest, or violators will be beheaded or have their ears chopped off. As a result, many businesses throughout the south have shut during the past several Fridays, either in fear or in sympathy.

A dozen people, mostly Buddhists, have been beheaded in seemingly random attacks in the south
And yet, it's that Christian Right we need to be worried about.

The latest atrocity demonstrates how whole muslim communities back this violence to impose their ideology; this is not just a fringe and it's worldwide:
BANGKOK - Suspected Islamist insurgents avoided capture after torturing to death two Thai marines by beating and stabbing the bound-and-gagged victims behind a human shield of defiant Muslim women and children, horrifying the government and plunging southern Thailand into a fresh security crisis.

Apparently hoping for a peaceful solution, troops did not attempt a forced rescue. The two experienced marines, armed with a US-supplied M-16 assault rifle and two pistols, were initially captured on Tuesday night when they stopped their vehicle near the village.

Throughout the stand-off, scores of shouting Muslim women dressed in traditional headscarves stood with children, blocking troops from gaining access to the hostages, and erecting banners that blamed the authorities, including one in Thai that read: "You are in fact the terrorists."

"If I could, I would drop napalm bombs all over that village," a distraught Captain Traikwan Krairiksh was quoted in the Bangkok Post as saying after he viewed the bodies of his former subordinates in a pool of blood. "But the fact is, I can never do that. We are soldiers. We must follow the law. We can only take revenge by using the law."
Well guess what, this will keep happening until you napalm those material accomplices back to Hell where they belong.

If only Thailand would change its "policies" towards Israel the Middle East, these chickens wouldn't come home to roost against their imperialism...

Hey, wait, that excuse doesn't work, does it?

Maybe it's islam that's the problem?

Nah, their desire to impose their religion has nothing to do with...their religion...



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