Friday, October 14, 2005

Funny Headline

Oh, this is funny!

The headline is Iranians Await Ahmadinejad's Reforms

Take that whopper in for a moment!
Mr. Ahmadinejad promised Iran's legions of poor that he would put the nation's oil income "onto people's tables." But more than 100 days after the vote, Mrs. Vatanha - along with Iranians who gave the Islamist ideologue a surprise 61 percent mandate - are waiting for change.
And are going to keep on waiting.

Note also the implicit assumption in the reporting that the voting was real.

What a charade!
Unable to find jobs as house painters, her sons left home three weeks ago in search of work. She tugs her chador more tightly around her face. "I am having a nervous breakdown. I just read the Koran, and ask God to help [my sons.]."

Such uncertainty is manifest across the Islamic Republic, as Iranians begin taking measure of their choice: a man who is filling top positions with Revolutionary Guard cadres, and insists that he will build a pure Islamic government.
Because the current government is so secular. Oh, that's going to unleash human potential and economic success, surely!
Iranians who have seen internal reports on cabinet-level proceedings say that "social justice" - leveling inequalities in wealth, and creating more opportunities for the poor - tops the agenda.
I oppose that notion of "social justice." It's just code for stealing by collective coercion.

Yes, impoverishing the wealthy (who have disposable income to invest in growth ventures, unlike everyone else who can only consume) and handing money to people has always been the way to prosperity.

Just ask the commies.


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