Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Carterfiles

I had the misfortune of seeing Jimmy Carter on CNN, interviewed by Wolf Blitzer this weekend.

Oh what an awful person!

Carter said two despicable things before I stopped watching.

The first was his claim that the "Bush Administration" deliberately misled the American People, and the World, to go to war in Iraq.

Three times Wolf pressed him to explain if Carter meant Bush actually lied, or if the CIA generated poor intelligence.

And three times, Carter wouldn't give a straight answer, but each time suggested it was a deliberate lie by someone, somewhere, in the administration, who "twisted" the intelligence.

And the second thing Carter did was to lie himself, as he plugged his new book, to declare that the Bush doctrine is wrong, by mis-stating it as, to paraphrase Carter, "that if there's a leader somewhere we don't like, we can use force before that country is a threat to America."

The key word he used was "threat."

See the lie?

He's claiming Bush's pre-emption doctrine can come out of the blue, before an actual threat is detected. Implicitly that also means Carter thinks Iraq was not even a threat.

But that's a false statement of the Bush doctrine.

By Carter's incorrect formulation, that would mean we could attack, say, Bulgaria, just in case it might become a threat someday.

That's a lie.

The actual reasoning is that for counries that we know to already be a threat, we don't have to wait for an actual attack to be successfully completed to respond to the known threat.

See the difference in pre-empting something before it's a threat, versus before it's an attack?

What does Carter's faux moral high ground gain us, other than increasing the risk of chaos and destruction?

Jimmy Carter -- Worst President EVER!!!


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