Monday, February 06, 2006


Buy Danish!

I just got some yummy Havarti cheese.

I think everyone should see the true face of the enemy. These are British and other "Western" muslims.

One would think if any muslims are "moderate", it would be these.

Does this look moderate, in response to some very mild cartoons?

Their efforts at suppressing free speech are spawning efforts like this. That whole blog is worth a look for its political artwork.

In addition, so far, the Danish and Norwegian embassies have been burned in Syria, a Danish mission was burned in Lebanon, and a Roman Catholic priest was murdered in Turkey by a chanting islamazoid.

Further riots have erupted in Indonesia, Pakistan, New Zealand, etc.

Some Danes are marching in response, to "appeal for a peaceful dialogue to resolve a row":

I sure hope that photo caption isn't an accurate description of that march's goals...Dialogue with this barbarian?

Are you mad?

No quarter!

These times call for New Crusaders. This is a clash of ideas, symbols, and gods.

Break out the old Templar banners!

Beau Seant!


Anonymous alienmist said...

Am sick of sitting around tied by a spineless govt and society that is burying its head in the sand while danger knocks on its doors. Time to move from blogging to action. A call to arms!!!

not guns! but ideas and concrete plans

5:10 AM, February 06, 2006  
Blogger RDS said...

Well said! We should ponder what this plan will be. Any good ideas?

The greatest knightly virtue is Truth. And Truth is on our side. At the least, we must strive to get the Truth out about Mohammed, the koran, and the threat we face. Disseminating these photos is a good start. I think we're finally getting some critical mass among the elite, now that their Freedom to be Irreverent is under real attack.

Tell anyone who will listen.

Also, we must let out elected officials know, firmly but politely, where we stand. Where the people lead, the government must follow.

Thanks for reading!

1:32 AM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous alienmist said...

I always wonder why history keeps on repeating itself?

Remember how the so called barbarians contributed to the downfall of the roman empire, the Greeks and countless other civilizations.

How does is happen, the "civilized" people full of snobbery always underestimate the other side, until it is too late.

I was not kidding when i said I want to do something about the state of affairs. For starters I have joined the local shooting club.

For the readers who will think am an uncouth, violent warmonger, here is something for you. I am Phd in physics, non-white, non-european, non-american man who is clever enough to smell danger.

3:12 PM, February 07, 2006  

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