Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winds of War

Warclouds are brewing.

To end the global jihad, there are two poles we must confront.

One is the original apocalyptic Shiite threat, led by Iran and its quest for nuclear weapons. Its worldwide terror arm is Hizb'allah.

The other is its Sunni competitor, driven with money and ideology from Saudi Arabia and forged in the terror camps and madrassa indoctrination centers in the lawless areas formerly controlled by Pakistan. Its worldwide terror arm is al-Qaeda.

It's like Coke and Pepsi.

Or an even better analogy, Nazis and Commies! Both were at core similar: expansionist tyrannical one-party rule based on socialist state power, with technical distinctions that led them to fight each other to the death.

Much like Sunni and Shia jihadists.

And they're getting ready to fight each other.

And in this we should facilitate their conflict all we can like in WW2, and then defeat the one left standing.

Here are indications of the brewing great islamic civil war:

Report: Israel Asks U.S. for Iraqi Airspace Corridor for Iran Strike


Chaos in the Gulf: Kuwait preparing for war and Shia riots in Bahrein

Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al Watan believes that Kuwait and NATO will sign a bilateral agreement in March. This agreement will include only Kuwait and will not concern the other monarchies in the Gulf. It will basically allow NATO to use Kuwait as “a point of safe passage made for the armies of the Alliance”. In December 2006, the two parties had already signed an agreement on intelligence sharing. Kuwait thus reinforces the Western umbrella which should protect it in the event of a regional conflict involving Iran.

Another sign of Iran creating chaos: Saudi daily newspaper Al Watantells us about the second consecutive night of riots in Bahrein. The two suspects arrested admitted having been involved with about thirty other people to spread violence in Bahreïn. Several regions with Shia majority especially in the north witnessed also violence and rioting.

Knowing of Iran's strategy to destabilize Sunni monarchies with a significant Shia minority, one should not be surprised of these latest events.

Pakistan is Dissolving
The Pakistani government is preparing to cede the Federally Administered Tribal Agency of Bajaur to the Taliban. Jan Aurakzai, the governor of the Northwest Frontier Province, has informed the media that a 'peace deal' fashioned after the Waziristan Accord is imminent, Dawn reports.
Pakistan has lost control of its western territories, and is attempting to put the best face on this failure by cutting deals that cannot and will not enforce, and then claiming success. Musharraf, Aurakazi and a host of Pakistani political and military leaders continue to claim success with the Waziristan Accord, and promote the false hope that further peace deals can bring peace in the west.

This failure comes at the expense of security in Afghanistan, the West, as al-Qaeda is plotting strikes and training terrorist from the tribal areas, and within Pakistan itself. The Taliban are openly pushing their agenda in the Northwest Frontier Territory, and are conducting a nationwide terror campaign to cower the government. The peace deals in North and south Waziristan, the upcoming deal in Bajaur and others soon to follow, and the inability to take action against the terrorists inside their own borders poses a direct threat to the existence of the Pakistani state.


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