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So, not too long ago, I heard initial news reports that a U.S. sailor had been arrested for providing important classified information to terrorists, revealing the formation and time a task force would be transiting narrow straits in the Persian Gulf, and its specific vulnerabilities.

And those vague early reports didn't mention a name, which perhaps uncharitably caused me to wonder to myself, "bet his name turns out to be Abu or Mohammed or something like that."

Or course I felt a twinge of PC-induced guilt for profiling.

Well it turned out his name was even better than I could have imagined:

Abu Hassan Jihaad.

Or in other words, literally, Mr. Holy War.

Later I saw the name written as Hassan Abujihaad. Who knows why. Was the first report wrong, or was this an attempt to hide the obvious fact he's named Mr. Holy War?

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Monty Python skit, in which it turns out that Hitler and other top Nazis have in fact been hiding since the end of the war in a quaint English B&B.

And in spite of their ridiculously poor disguises and heavy German accents and uncontrollable "Mein Fuehrer, I can valk!"-type outbursts, everyone is simply too polite to notice.

The skit was funny because it seemed so silly.

And yet Mr. Holy War is allowed access to vital military information and he transmits it to the Holy Warriors. I'm sure everyone at the Navy was falling all over themselves to be scrupulously fair in not submitting Mr. Holy War to one iota more scrutiny than anyone else, so as not to commit the horrible crime of profiling.

To be suspicious of the "other" is wrong, you see; we must only be suspicous of ourselves who are the truly guilty parties because of our tainted ancestral pasts.

Even when the other is in fact the other, and (surprise, surprise!) turns out to be aiding the other. Daniel Pipes summarizes in more Pentagon jihadis (yes, there are several of them):
a convert to Islam and a former communications specialist for the U.S. Navy, he [Hassan Abujihaad] stands accused of sending e-mail messages to a pro-Taliban Internet site run by Babar Ahmad while serving on the guided-missile destroyer Benfold in the Middle East during 2000-01. As the Los Angeles Times delicately puts it, "Federal agents are trying to determine how Ahmad ended up in possession of detailed and highly classified information about the San Diego-based aircraft carrier battle group that the Benfold was part of, including its classified travel plans and its vulnerability to attack." (Aug. 14, 2004)

Mar. 7, 2007 update: Abujihaad was arrested today in Phoenix on charges of spying and providing material support to terrorists. Specifically, he stands accused of providing classified information (about the movement of a U.S. Navy battle group as it traveled from the United States to the Persian Gulf) to Azzam Publications in London as part of a conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens. If convicted of both charges, Abujihaad faces up to 25 years in prison.
That we should have been more suspicious of Mr. Holy War (or is it Mr. Inner Struggle?) is even clearer when one realizes he was not born with such an unfortunate name, but took it of his own free will when converting to islam and dropping his original name of Paul R. Hall.

I mean, would Eisenhower let someone who changed his name from John Smith to oh, I don't know, Heil Hitler Blitzkrieg be allowed to wander around his headquarters?

Pipes asks,
I cannot help wondering why it took nearly three years for this charge to turn into an arrest.
Maybe the authorities were hoping it just would go away because it was just too shameful to admit they were living a Monty Python skit.

Oh, speaking of spies, remember nice ol' Saddam Hussein? The harmless benevolent leader? He had spies in deep cover in this country, who murdered US citizens critical of his regime. Two of the were just arrested in Detroit:

Mich. men spied on behalf of former Iraqi government

DETROIT (AP) - Two Michigan men are accused of spying for Saddam Hussein's former regime and sharing information with the executed Iraqi dictator's intelligence service, according to federal authorities.

The charges against Najib Shemami, 58, of Sterling Heights and Ghazi Al-Awadi, 78, of Dearborn, are based on Iraqi intelligence documents captured by U.S. forces in Iraq in 2003 and authenticated by former members of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, authorities said.

A federal grand jury indictment accuses Shemami of four espionage-related charges for activity between March 2002 and early 2003, according to the U.S. attorney's office in Detroit and the FBI.

A criminal complaint filed against Al-Awadi says he told the Iraqi Intelligence Service in 1997 that he killed his son-in-law because the man belonged to an anti-Saddam political party.

Both men were arrested Tuesday. U.S. Magistrate Judge Donald Scheer freed both men on $10,000 bonds following brief appearances in U.S. District Court in Detroit. He ordered both men to surrender their passports.
Both men are U.S. citizens. Shemami is married, has nine children and has lived in the United States for about 40 years, Mateo told the Free Press. Al-Awadi, who has seven children, has been in the United States since 1974, court records said.

In 1996, Al-Awadi was paroled from the Michigan Department of Corrections after serving six years of a five- to 15-year sentence for manslaughter in the stabbing of his son-in-law, Emad Muttar, in Dearborn.
They don't call it Dearbornistan for nothing.

Seems like low bail for being enemy agents, doesn't it?

Then of course there are the islamists in our Universities. Too many cases to mention! Here is an interesting recent one, a typical case really, with twists and turns investigated at Rants and Other Refinements, who tracked down the evidence:
This is Julio César Pino. He is on the Ohio State payroll as a professor of Latin American History at Kent State.
Wow, sounds like a pretty bright guy. The Ohio taxpayers have a seriously talented man teaching their students. That’s true, if you consider a pro-jihad muslim openly indoctrinating in our State-funded classrooms. He’s pretty difficult to get hold of since he only has office hours two days per week, taking the lead from Congressional democrats I imagine. So, when he’s busy not coming in to the office, he’s writing this little vile piece of filth online: Global War.

Yes, this is a pro-jihad site that openly professes support for the Taliban and Osama bin-Laden. When I say “openly”, I mean it in the strictest of contexts. From his site:

“We are a jihadist news service, and provide battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our brothers worldwide.”
Though denying he runs the pro-jihad website in question, it appears he has indeed written articles for it and/or is associated with it in some way.

Rather deeply in fact. Kent State won't touch the issue, and Pino whines about his free speech rights:
The blog includes a head shot of Ahmed al-Haznawi, one of the hijackers of United Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001.

On Thursday, Pino declined to comment when asked about a photo on the speech section of the Web site that shows him addressing a crowd of students in Kent State’s Risman Plaza. The site also includes a letter that Pino wrote under his name last year to the student-run newspaper the Daily Kent Stater. The same letter on the jihadist Web site is attributed to “Lover of Angels” but does not mention Kent State or Pino.

“You attack, and continue to attack, us everywhere,” reads the letter on the Web site and in the student newspaper. “The ill done to the Muslim nations must be requited. The Muslim child does not cry alone; the Muslim woman does not cry alone; and the Muslim man is already at your gates.”

The Web site attributes three other postings on its speech page to the unidentified Lover of Angels, one of which reads, “Bush, why don’t you tell your people that your soldiers are committing suicide, taking drugs and hallucination pills to make them sleep? By God, your dreams will be defeated by our blood and by our bodies.”

Pino declined to comment when asked if he was Lover of Angels.

Off to Gitmo in chains, all of you!


Blogger The_Bad said...

Jihad Julio got my panties in a bunch. The thought of Ohio taxpayers funding this blatantly horrible man really got my Irish up. It’s not just what he’s been saying on his blog site either – he’s preaching this hatred in the school paper and in his classroom. He doesn’t hide the fact that he refers to his students as his “little jihadists”.

Then something happened that got me really mad: nothing. I could only find one small opinion piece on Fox News regarding the subject. No headlines, no outrage. Quite a contrast from the coverage afforded to a man at a school that had the audacity to suggest that women and men are different.

I guess the MSM only considers outrageous behavior to be outrageous if committed by a white male. All other instances are forgiven. So, I took it upon myself to make some noise about it – my own little jihad, if you will. It is my displeasure to report that all my requests for information and/or action to Kent State administration as well as Ohio State Senators and United States Senators from Ohio have gone unanswered.

12:50 PM, April 23, 2007  

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