Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fjordman Speaks

Some comments found at LGF by Fjordman:
I sometimes wonder whether what we are seeing is some kind of Multicultural anti-Genesis. God, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition, created the world in several steps. So anti-Western Multiculturalists are now trying to uncreate it in successive steps.

God is dead. We killed him and dumped his decaying corpse in a ditch next to the highway to Utopia. We burnt his teachings and placed them in an urne, stashed away underneath a parking lot at the United Nations headquarters. He dared to make rules and separate right from wrong, the self-righteous bastard. He had to go.

Instead, our children have become sacrificial offerings at the Altar of Eternal Progress, dedicated to the God of Absolute Equality, an angry deity who demands human suffering and large-scale destruction as token proofs of his disciples’ total submission to his teachings.
Another commenter adds,
The name you are looking for is Moloch.

Fjordman continues,
It is possible to view the history of the West as one of freeing oneself from the constraints of the past, and of granting equality to ever-expanding circles of people, starting with universal suffrage for men, later for women, then equality for all ethnic, religious and sexual subgroups and eventually even for non-citizens and enemies. The West has led the world in innovation for centuries. Yet perhaps this disposition, which has been the Western Man’s greatest strength, can also be his curse. Perhaps he sometimes breaks down restraints that are needed, and insists on equality where no equality naturally exists. His self-image has been to question tradition on every level, to always move forward. The Western Man has freed himself from the restraints of his traditions, his religion, his culture and the memories of his past. More recently, he has also rid himself off his sex, his skin color, his very physical being. He is, in essence, nothing, and is thus constrained by nothing. The Western Man is thus free at least.

The Western man was the first to create parliamentary democracy, the first to reach the North and the South Pole and the first to travel to the Moon. He always likes to go where no man has gone before him. The sad thing is that there is now so little unchartered territory, so few boundaries left to breach. What to do? Well, embracing organized national suicide is something no man has ever done before, presumably for very good reasons. The Western Man smells an opportunity to once again lead mankind into unchartered territory, and boldly seizes it. He may not be sensible, but at least he’s first, and to the Western Man, that is what matters above all else.


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