Monday, August 20, 2007

USA Today Blog

Just discovered the USA Today "On Politics" blog linked to one of my postings on the Electoral College, concerning California's reform proposal.
According to AP, Maine and Nebraska are the only states that allocate electoral votes according to congressional districts.

It says that adopting Hiltachk's plan could give the GOP candidate a shot at 20 or so electoral votes from "GOP-leaning districts" -- or an Ohio-sized electoral cache.

In the latest edition of The New Yorker, liberal-leaning journalist Hendrik Hertzberg writes that "the bottom line is that the initiative, if passed, would spot the Republican ticket something in the neighborhood of twenty electoral votes -- votes that it wouldn't get under the rules prevailing in every other sizable state in the Union."
For an argument in favor of the initiative, see this post by Ten O'Clock Scholar, a neo-conservative who says the change would bring "power to the people!"


Anonymous Bob.Pgh said...

Beautiful. Great fun!

12:35 AM, August 26, 2007  

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