Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eating Roadkill Revisited

This old posting on eating roadkill continues to generate a lot of traffic -- lots of people are apparently interested in how to do this.

One hit came from a US Marine computer -- which kind of makes sense.

But a lot of anarcho-eco-weenies leave me brilliant comments like this one by an offended roadkill eater:
wow, whoever writes this blog is a fascist. hope you rot in the ground! :)
Hope you become roadkill! :-) :-)

See, the smileys make deathwishes acceptable. Fascists like me deserve to die anyway.

Quite surprisingly, here is actually a reasonably-written response in support of eating roadkill:
peter wrote:

I actually was looking for advice on how to eat roadkill when I stumbled on this forum... I'm going traveling next month and it seems to me like a good way to eat cheap and be self-sufficient. It's true, I guess, that we live like kings or gods compared to the people of the past... but it doesn't seem to me that our lives are so much better, really. Not like we're really any happier. Actually I find modern life kind of a drag. There just isn't the same kick to it when you're not responsible for your own survival. And all the retarded hoops one is expected to jump through for the privilege of living the life get pretty tiresome. I'm talking job applications, company policies, political correctness, dress codes, moral censorship, taxes, social decency, public education, curfews, lawyers, cops, and badly programmed traffic lights. That kinda thing. Really gets me down. I'd rather be out on the open road, gutting a dead rabbit with a utility knife and answering to nobody. If I want electricity, I'm smart enough to make my own, but for the most part I don't want it. I think civilization is an addiction. We did fine before it existed, but now that we've been hooked for just a few millennia we think we'd die without it.

But that's the great thing about primitive living, RDS: it doesn't interfere with your high-tech progressive civilized lifestyle AT ALL! You have complete freedom to enjoy your non-stop to Tokyo and your cell phone and so forth, while still reaping the benefits of the ancient Earth and its ecosystems: stuff like food, air, water, life, and so on. We can both live as we please and need not give each other any shit about it. I don't hate you, and I don't think your life is a waste.
Ok, this helps explain the appeal. I kind of get it now.

Thanks, peter, for not hating me -- much appreciated.

I would personally find scavenging a carcass less self-reliant than hunting and/or trapping, but I agree it's probably easier and it does save money.


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