Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's SS

Here is Obama calling for a "Civilian National Security Force", as a parallel army "just as well funded" and "just as powerful" as our current military!

Because "we cannot continue to rely only on our military" to achieve his goals!

Obama needs a more reliable and pliant National Security Force? Did he just suggest that?

What in the world would somebody need a whole new parallel National Security Force for?!? What could possibly be its purpose?

This is exactly what Hitler did in creating the SS, as it would be more loyal than the regular army.

This is patently insane.

UPDATE: This clip is from a July 2, 2008 speech. Apparently Obama deviated from his prepared remarks to deliver these lines. Bloggers (but not the MSM) picked it up at the time, affirming that it needed further explanation. As Hot Air said,
Note to desperate Obama apologists: the Peace Corps is not a “national security force”.


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