Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kerry Buries Men Alive

Interesting (and by that bit of understatement I mean, of course, "infuriating beyond all measure") article in the Village Voice by Sydney Schanberg (who was the lead character in "The Killing Fields").

An excerpt. And it gets much, much more damning as it goes on:

...he covered up voluminous evidence that a significant number of live American prisoners—perhaps hundreds—were never acknowledged or returned after the war-ending treaty was signed in January 1973.

The Massachusetts senator, now seeking the presidency, carried out this subterfuge a little over a decade ago— shredding documents, suppressing testimony, and sanitizing the committee's final report—when he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on P.O.W./ M.I.A. Affairs.

Over the years, an abundance of evidence had come to light that the North Vietnamese, while returning 591 U.S. prisoners of war after the treaty signing, had held back many others as future bargaining chips for the $4 billion or more in war reparations that the Nixon administration had pledged. Hanoi didn't trust Washington to fulfill its pro-mise without pressure. Similarly, Washington didn't trust Hanoi to return all the prisoners and carry out all the treaty provisions. The mistrust on both sides was merited. Hanoi held back prisoners and the U.S. provided no reconstruction funds.

The stated purpose of the special Senate committee—which convened in mid 1991 and concluded in January 1993—was to investigate the evidence about prisoners who were never returned and find out what happened to the missing men. Committee chair Kerry's larger and different goal, though never stated publicly, emerged over time: He wanted to clear a path to normalization of relations with Hanoi.
This miserable excuse for a human being should not receive a single vote for this criminal outrage. By the way, he was aided and abetted by another member of the committee, everyone's favorite moderate "Republican", John McCain.

Never forget!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry (and Teresa) are socialist, and everything they do now and have done for decades is against the interest of these United States.both are: Pompous,arrogant,hypocrite,and a with a great sense of entitlement over the "little people" that is dripping from them. No wonder they love the UN,run by their ilk. Just run his whole speech about his vietnam experiences that he gave in front of congress,when his camarades were still held by the ene
my,on any news channel,without any commentary....treason is the word for it..if he had any proper thinking,he should bail out and apologize for all he had done.Helas, he and Teresa are not prone to that.

9:45 AM, August 22, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the other "miserable excuse for a human being" does deserve votes?

- MTLChris

12:53 PM, August 25, 2004  
Blogger RDS said...

Heh heh. Of course, *I* think so, but I don't try to encourage anyone to make such a big leap all at once. I am happy enough to see Kerry voters turn into Nader voters or non-voters! :-)

3:14 PM, August 25, 2004  

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