Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mr. Say Anything

Many are uncomfortable when Bush talks abou this faith or speaks of "evildoers". It was unheard of to use the word "evil" in modern politically-correct discourse.

So I wonder what these people will make of Kerry, aka "Mr. Say Anything":
At a town hall meeting Saturday in Xenia, [Kerry] talked about taking his rosary into battle during the Vietnam War. "I will bring my faith with me to the White House and it will guide me," Kerry said.
Ha! That's a thigh-slapper.

Or how about this speech Kerry gave yesterday in Iowa?
As president, I will be resolute in confronting the evil that exists in the world.
Is that so?

So why don't the people who complain about Bush using such language feel as uncomfortable with Kerry doing exactly the same thing?
Maybe because in their gut they know Kerry isn't serious.

But then what does that say about Kerry? Clearly he just says anything for political expediency.

And it gets better:
I will never hesitate to use force to confront and defeat any threat.
Then why did you vote against authorizing force in the First Gulf War, when we had a UN Security Council endorsement, and the whole world wanted us to stop Hussein, because the world's oil supply was threatened?

Just what constitutes a threat?

Just what kind of approval do you need, Mr. Kerry?


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