Monday, November 08, 2004

Election Theme

The post-mortems have begun, and rather than looking at their policies, the Left is lashing out, with supposed intellectuals such as Dowd, Krugman, Friedman, and Kinsley basically saying Americans are stupid rednecks for electing Bush.

And worse, the country is being hijacked by the dreaded, fearsome Christian Right -- a threat far more scary than Islamic theocrats and their murderbot minions.

I mean, the Islamists will only saw your head off in ritual slaughter; but the Christian Right might want to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Talk of secession -- yes, secession! -- has actually surfaced on the talk shows from some of the pundits. We see that the fiction that Bush was not legitimately elected in 2000 was the only thing keeping them going; now, when his victory is clear and decisive -- the first President to break 50% of the vote since 1988! -- they show their true non-democratic colors, and refuse to accept the result as legitimate.

Merely because it doesn't square with their elite, enlightened opinions of how things ought to be!

But let's look at that county-by-county election map again.

They think that map is indicative of the Christian Right? Are they insane?

Yes, that group helped provide the margin of victory, but they represent only a fraction, and not a majority, of Bush's support.

"Values" were clearly an important issue in the election -- but that's not directly related to religious fundamentalism.

Look at the measures banning gay "marriage" that passed in 11 out of 11 states that passed by huge margins, on average by 2:1.

86% of Mississippi voters are not fundamentalists, yet they approved the ban with that amount.

57% of Oregon voters SURELY aren't fundamentalists, Christian or otherwise!

So more than half of the Kerry voters in Mississippi voted for the ban, as well as 1/5th of Kerry voters in Oregon, assuming all Bush voters backed the bans.

The conventional wisdom had been that higher turnout favors Democrats. Yet with very high turnout levels, they still lost. What that tells us is there's a vast number of people who usually don't vote, but are quietly somewhat conservative, or at least not leftists. And normally, the higher turnout means the Democrat machine has gotten large numbers of the base to the polls. But we see that effect is swamped when the sleeping giant of the American heartland is awakened.

Just look at that map again!

These "morons" were roused by a combination of factors: realizing we're in a war that Bush will more likely see through to the end; and wanting to put the smug elites like Michael Moore and the hollywood crowd, and Bill Maher who sneers at people of faith, and unelected judges and rogue mayors imposing radical social change like gay "marriage" by fiat, in their rightful place.

The most delicious aspect of the recent election is seeing the Law of Unintended Consequences in action: the Massachusetts Supreme Court, in imposing gay "marriage", likely provided the margin of victory to Bush in Ohio, where a ballot measure to ban it won wide support.

Without their over-reaching arrogance to behave as aristocrats, that measure would not have ever been dreamed of, and the uninvolved heartland would not have arisen to give the decisive SMACKDOWN to gay "marriage" in Ohio, which was the key to Bush's victory by only 130,000 votes.

But again, this is not Christian fundamentalism at work, this is a populist backlash against dictated Leftist social policies.

Who's laughing now, monkey-boy?


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