Saturday, April 30, 2005

Be Alert

In case anyone forgot that an organized cadre of of despicably evil terrorists is living among us and spending every moment hellbent on finding ways to kill our children in their beds, here are some excerpts from a recent (unclassified) Department of Homeland Security briefing document.

There have been, apparently, a series of coordinated, well-planned attempts at infiltration and intelligence gathering at hospitals by imposters of JCAHO inspectors.

Information Bulletin
Title: False Hospital Inspections
Date: April 22, 2005

DHS has noted an increased number of suspicious incidents involving hospitals. On March 27, 2005, a New Jersey hospital experienced its fourth separate incident in a six-week period. Three male subjects in their 30s and 40s, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, spoke fluent unaccented English and presented themselves as physicians from JCAHO, an association that accredits 15,000 plus health care organizations per year in the United States. According to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General/Office of Counter Terrorism, the subjects inquired about capacity, services, and operations of the hospital and left the facility when their questions were not answered.

From February 26 to March 10, 2005, three other U.S. hospitals in Boston, Los Angeles, and Detroit also reported individuals posing as JCAHO inspectors. These individuals similarly behaved in a manner inconsistent with professional inspection staff and were described respectively as:
• A Caucasian man and woman at the Los Angeles hospital
• A male of South Asian descent at the Boston hospital
• A Caucasian woman at the Detroit hospital
• U.S. hospitals offer easy public access and would be recognized by terrorist planners as easy, accessible targets. Known targeting of such facilities would instill great panic and fear in the general public.

These most recent nationwide impersonations are more noteworthy when seen in the broader context with similar incidents which have occurred from October 2004 to February 2005.

• In October 2004, two hospitals in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area reported suspicious activity, including photography, requests of building layout, inquiries regarding the location of the pharmacy, and computer fraud.

• Three men inquired as to the location of the pharmacy at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. These men had previously visited hospitals in Texas and Indiana. All three hospitals are distribution points for the antidote medicines for biological attacks.

• On February 7, 2005 at approximately 10 a.m., two individuals (SUBJECTS) who identified themselves as special agents representing the Department of Defense and CIA entered the emergency room at Middletown Regional Hospital, NY. The SUBJECTS requested to see the charge nurse and presented identification badges.
We go out of our way to avoid damaging schools, mosques, and hospitals, even when we know they are being used as command posts and weapon depots.

These vermin are going out of their way to target schools (Beslan) and hospitals.

Our way of life is fragile and depends on trust. Look at the waste of time and money we have to expend to keep air travel teetering along because of these soulless enemies of common decency.

These demons in human form need to be snuffed out, stat.

Like turning off a light.


They've been fighting this war to spread darkness for 1400 years and aren't going to stop until one of our ideologies is dead.

That's an unpleasant thought, but it's the cold, hard truth.

If you ever thought it would be cool to live in a fantasy novel where there were titanic struggles of Good versus Evil for the fate of mankind, guess what, you are.

We'll know we're taking this seriously when partisans like these, acting outside of the Conventions of war, are once again simply summarily executed, as they used to be before everyone lost their minds.

There's a video out there on the internet you can find, from the camera of an AC-130 gunsip, in communication with a ground controller, attacking Taliban in Afghanistan. The controller is at pains to point out which building is the mosque, and provides instructions to the gun crew, "do NOT engage the mosque." Instead, they try to chase down each scurrying little dot on the screen with a 105mm howitzer as they run off in all directions -- one dot is seen running back into the sanctuary of the mosque, and is spared; the rest are not so lucky: "fragged him good!"

Of course, if we were taking this seriously, we'd have just put a 2,000-pound GPS-guided bomb directly onto the Jihad Headquarters Building, oops, I mean "mosque", and have been done with it.

War is hell, what can I say.

Or at least, it SHOULD be.

Lest we grow too fond of it. Or grow to tolerate it as an ongoing annoyance that never ends, constricting our lives more and more, rather than bringing it to a decisively brutal but mercifully quick end.

That was even the basis of a classic Star Trek episode!

But we played softball, and now they're here, trying to find ways to kill the sick -- maybe veterans at a Veterans Administration Hospital, perhaps; or maybe to re-attack the victims of a chemical attack after they're taken to the hospital, thinking they're finally "safe."

There's no secret, really, to the intentions of the Ummah to re-establish the Caliphate, or Khaleefa, and deluded as that may be, you're still just as dead if they kill you for a crazy idea as for a sane one:
Islam is not a "religion". Islam is a rational system of belief in the existence of God, what comes after death, and the relationship between this life and the next.

From these concepts emanate a comprehensive system of thoughts and actions which address all spheres of Man's life and the running of society, including a ruling and political system, a legislative and judicial system, and education system, an economic system, a social system and system of manners & ethics, and a foreign policy and military system.

This is what is meant by the phrase "Islam is a way of life, not a religion." This is what it means for Islam to be an "ideology", as are Secularism/Capitalism and Communism.

The Islamic State (Khilafah) is the political entity which brings all of the Islamic systems into application, and which establishes, safeguards and propogates the Islamic way of life.

Today the Muslims are earnestly working and eagerly waiting for a day in the very near future when the non-Islamic systems of ruling occupying the Muslim lands are removed, to be replaced by the re-establishment of the Khilafah, by the will of Allah (swt).
When they tell us this, we should believe them!

Women especially should be up in arms; not only would their gains form the last 50-100 years be rolled back (oh, little things like voting, having a personal credit card or bank account), but how about going all the way back to the Dark Ages?

It's all spelled out here in the Model Islamic Constitution:
Article 11
The primary function of the State is the propagation of the invitation (daâwah) to Islam.

Article 108
The primary role of a woman is that of a mother and wife. She is an honour that must be protected. [by killing her if necessary! -- ed.]

Article 109
Men and women are basically to be segregated from each other, and they should not mix together except for a requirement permitted by the shar'a, such as buying and selling, or for a purpose which the sharia allows mixing, like the pilgrimage.

Article 110
Women have the same rights and obligations as men, except for those specified by the Shariah evidence to be for man.

Article 112
Women are not allowed to take charge of ruling, thus women cannot hold the positions of Khaleefah, wali, Îamil, a judge of the Mahkamat ul Madhalim, and is prevented from practising any of the actions of ruling.

Article 113
Women live within a public and private life. Within their public life, they are allowed to live with other women, maharem males [males forbidden to them in marriage] and men they can marry on condition that nothing of the women's body is revealed, apart from her face and hands, and that the clothing is not revealing nor her charms displayed.

Article 114
Women are forbidden to be in private with any men they can marry, they are also forbidden to display their charms or to reveal their body in front of men they can marry.

Article 115
Men and women must not practice any immoral action or anything which causes corruption within society that may stem from the Shari'ah rules, such as employing a female or male air host(ess), waiter or barber merely to take advantage of their sex.
Get mad? Nah, bashing Bush is just so much more fun!

This would all be ridiculous and dismissible, of course, were it not for the little fact that they're actually nosing around in hospitals as we speak, and already have the blood of thousands of innocents on their hands.


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