Monday, April 18, 2005

Denmark's Had "Enough!"

An interesting blog out of Denmark, called "Enough!" The author reports on their latest election, and the problems of overwhelming unassimilated Muslim immigration that are causing many Europeans to wish to emigrate from their own countries, it's getting so bad:
AMSTERDAM — A survey has indicated that 32 percent of Dutch people want to emigrate abroad and that just 51 percent are proud of the Netherlands.
A large amount of the spontaneous reactions over the Netherlands were negative. This was due to political developments, multiculturalism, over-population, criminality and socially distant people.
Europe is in a malaise. They need a Reagan.

Denmark, on the other hand, seems to be the first to arouse from its slumber:
Summary: Denmark's re-elected government change tactics on immigrants, Europe will follow, tougher times for Muslim immigrants will come.

Today the new danish government was announced....
"baaah, why should i care?" you ask. You should because what the danish government does on the topic of immigration has proved likely to be followed by the rest of northern Europe!

When the government began it's first period in 2001, EVERYBODY scorned it for it's tough immigration policy - on which it was elected. Today, everybody is too busy to scorn because they're implementing likewise restrictions on immigration, some even officially visiting Denmark to learn how it's done!

In short, in the past 4 years, the government has severely tightened the possibility of carrying out the horrible arranged marriages, so widely used by the immigrants. They have begun to ship criminal foreigners back to their home countries after serving their sentence. They have in words told the immigrants that their bloody and hateful customs and behavior is not tolerated here. They have caused the influx of immigrants to dry out. They have clamped down on the immigrants permanently relying on welfare-benefits and on their (documented!) unwillingness to work unless forced to. They have done everything this country needed... although people like me naturally want them to be even harsher than that.
Lots of interesting stuff at this blog, for example these predictions:
I also dare to predict in which order the countries will install these measures, based on how they are dealing with terrorists, debating the problems publicly, actively restricting immigrants and such: The order is:
Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium, Norway, Germany, United kingdom, USA, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain.

Notes for this order would be the following:
Denmark, Norway - small, tuned to listening to everybody thus airing many opinions on the matter. Denmark leading in restricting policies,

Holland and Belgium - have enormous Muslim populations and they are creating likewise problems - the two political murders that has happened in Europe happened both in Holland. Dutch changes of legislation coming on strong and swift.

Germany - big Muslim populations, but have begun to see the problems they create by suppressing dissident voices: rise in neonazism. Has expelled radical imams already and more is likely to follow.

UK - it pains my heart that they are so damn slow to get it, despite their many problems with their Pakistani population, but at least they are now working on a tight closure of their borders.

USA - True to their creed of accepting absolutely everybody, they also accept Muslims as citizens, and choose to catch the terrorists alone despite proof of ugly Muslim activities. Has although been reducing influx from Muslim countries. Their main problem is by the way the Mexican border, about as closed as a sieve, luring as many illegal immigrants.

Sweden - Still very politically correct, spends the time lashing out on "harsh Denmark" while their crime and rape-rates virtually explodes - rise in Nazism too.

France - scared shit-less to act due to their huge Muslim populations, and kissing-up- to-their-no-longer-any-good-Muslim-colonies. Yes headscarf-ban in schools, but how many hours a day are you in school? Pretending to act while actually not.

Italy and Spain - to the best of my, limited, knowledge they are not doing anything specifically. Their concerns are on controlling, or rather the lack of control they have, on those swarms of boats from Africa - Spain actually tried to reduce the problem with the many illegal immigrants on paper by legalizing them!! Sure, it takes an effort to get registered but i don't believe that it's going to change mush.

Thus - the new change in government in tiny Denmark IS important - this time, we just might turn out to be the snowflake that starts the avalanche....
From your lips to God's ears...


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