Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some Observations

Free Muslims Against Terrorism held a rally today in DC; turnout was a bit disappointing, as the photo shows.

There were maybe 2-3 dozen people attending, reportedly.

Commenter Terrye at LGF makes a few interesting observations on the matter:
Hey, if you want to get a crowd out just threaten to look cross eyed at a Koran.

And they will come running...hooping and hollering and reminding the world that Islam is all about peace.

you betcha.

I wonder if it is occuring to the Muslims of this world that while they are seething the rest of the planet is being inundated with news like:

Islamists attack market and kill civilians

Islamists attack school and kill children

Islamist attacks film maker and leave a note impaled on his body

Islamists put fatwa on writer

Muslim dictator kills his own people

Muslim dictator sends children in human wave assault against another Muslim dictator

Mass graves found with the bodies of thousands of chilren killed by Muslim dictator

Islamists hijack planes and kill thousands.

Palestinians trash the Church of the Nativity

Islamists attack train in India kill hundreds

Islamists blow up nightclub in Bali

Islamists blow up bus in the Phillipines

Islmasists kidnap and behead missionaries in the Phillipines

Islamists call Jews monkeys and pigs

Islamists attack Christians in Pakistan

Notice how there is nothing in that list such as:

Islamists build world class university

Islamists hosts international benefit for hunger

Islamists discover vaccine for Aids

Islamists build clean water plants througout the Arab world

Islamists outlaw honor killings and ritual rape.

Ten years ago I actually had some respect for this religion. Now I try my best not to shudder when I hear the word "Islam". So if there are moderate Muslims out there they better start showing their faces or people like me will eventually give up on them.
What Terrye is referring to in his sarcastic opening, of course, is this ridiculous news story , in which 15 people have now been killed due to riots from an unsubstantiated rumor in Newsweek about the "desecration" of a koran at the Guantanamo prison.

Riots are spreading like wildfire over this:
SAN`A, Yemen - Yemen's government and thousands of university students on Saturday added their voices to the Muslim world's anger over alleged desecration of Islam's holy book, the Quran, by U.S. troops at the Guantanamo detention facility.
The 22-nation Arab League also criticized the alleged desecration of Islam's holy book.

"The Arab League asks — if this news is correct — that the U.S. administration deals with these accusations with the required seriousness and punish with the harshest possible penalty all those proven to have played a role in, or planned, such a crime," it said in a statement.
Even assuming it's true (and I wish it is), isn't that a little severe, for harming a book?

Where's the outrage in the Muslim world over honor killings of women?

In Syria, an Islamic research center condemned the alleged desecrations as "sinful practices."
It urged the United States "to try and punish those who dared (to desecrate) the Quran and apologize to the 1 billion Muslims" in the world.
Or else what, you'll cut our heads off to show your peacefulness?

So I ask you, who's the REAL "tiny minority" in Islam: the loony extremists killing each other in mass riots around the globe, or the 2-3 dozen "moderates" who turned out at the anti-terrorism rally???

Get used to it: yes, a billion people called Muslims want to subjugate you for being an infidel.

They might not all be eager to pull the trigger, but they stand firmly behind those who do.

Not all Nazis were SS. Not all Germans were Nazis. But all but a tiny, tiny handful participated in the system that supported the evil.

And nobody bent over backwards to try to distinguish who the "moderate" Nazis were from the "extremists."

Because to do so would be unhelpful and frankly insane.

The parallels between Islam and Nazism are in fact quite good. Both are pagan-based, semi-mystical socio-political movements, designed by a single megalomaniac's writings (mein kampf, the koran) for purposes of imperial domination, and by a "coincidence" that would be so bizarre that it can really only be proof that they are indeed God's Chosen People, both systems have a particular, peculiar desire to exterminate all the Jews.

I mean, that last part's pretty weird, isn't it? What are the odds they'd pick the same scapegoat, let alone both feel they needed one?

Why anyone gives these mortal enemies of civilization the time of day is beyond me.


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