Thursday, May 12, 2005

Political Typography

What's your political type? A new Pew Research study divides the electorate into 9 distinct groups, and provides this short, fun test to find out your "type."

I came out as an Enterpriser, which was spot-on.

Interestingly, the Enterprisers, if you look at the data, are clearly the most ideologically consistent in their views. In other words, on a wide range of key issues, they tend as a group to overwhelmingly agree, whereas the other groups aren't quite as clearly defined.

This must be due, no doubt, to being right! :-)

Or at least, to having a coherent theory and logically reasoning from it.

Their polar opposites, the "Liberals", are similar in that way, but not quite as much.

Enterprisers were formerly called "Staunch Conservatives." They are the "angry white males."

This is amusing too: their (our) approval ratings for Rumsfeld, Bush, and Rice are 86%, 96%, and 97%, respectively.

Like I said, they tend to be overwhelmingly nearly unanimous.
DEFINING VALUES: Assertive on foreign policy and patriotic; anti-regulation and pro-business; very little support for government help to the poor; strong belief that individuals are responsible for their own well being. Conservative on social issues such as gay marriage, but not much more religious than the nation as a whole. Very satisfied with personal financial situation.
Yep, that's me to a T so far!

WHO THEY ARE: Predominantly white (91%), male (76%) and financially well-off (62% have household incomes of at least $50,000, compared with 40% nationwide). Nearly half (46%) have a college degree, and 77% are married. Nearly a quarter (23%) are themselves military veterans. Only 10% are under age 30.
I think I identified with Staunch Conservatives from around the age of 9 -- or at least as a Staunch Anti-Communist. I got much of my politics from reading old 1970s-era Mad Magazines that were lying around the house, and one piece in particular was a satire on "what if a riot between fascist cops and hippie anti-vietnam-war anarchists were reported as a sports event?" Though Mad was an equal-opportunity insulter, I felt I should figure out where my sympathies lay, and after much thought, finally came down firmly against the hippies.

Thank you, Mad Magazine!

Reading at that tender age lots of 1950s-era books on WW2, its aftermath, the warnings of Patton and Churchhill, NORAD, and the balance of nuclear power, also strongly contributed to a loathing of commies of all sorts and their implicit supporters.

LIFESTYLE NOTES: 59% have a gun in the home; 53% trade stocks and bonds, and 30% are small business owners -- all of which are the highest percentages among typology groups. 48% attend church weekly; 36% attend bible study or prayer group meetings.
I don't really attend church, nor do I own a business, but I have, what, 6 guns now, and a portfolio of stocks.

2004 ELECTION: Bush 92%, Kerry 1%. Bush's most reliable supporters (just 4% of Enterprisers did not vote)

MEDIA USE: Enterprisers follow news about government and politics more closely than any other group, and exhibit the most knowledge about world affairs. The Fox News Channel is their primary source of news (46% cite it as a main source) followed by newspapers (42%) radio (31%) and the internet (26%).
Ha! I suppose we blog too...


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