Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dangerously Stupid, Part 4

This sounds like a parody, but it isn't. I found it (like many things) in the LGF comments.

How many times do I have to say it, there is no "right" to not be offended!

To imagine so cheapens the whole concept of Rights, which are in fact things government can't do to you, no matter how many people wish to vote to do so.

"Offense-taking" is just a pretext for the politically-correct thought police to ban anything that does not conform to their dystopian desires.

Two years ago, the Nanny-state of Britain rolled over and surrendered to the alien cultures that had invaded it:
Hot cross banned: councils decree buns could be 'offensive' to non-Christians

Schools across Britain have been ordered by local authorities to abandon the ancient tradition of serving hot cross buns at Easter so as not to offend children of non-Christian faiths.

Some councils are refusing to hand out the traditional treats because they fear that the symbol of the cross will spark complaints from Jewish, Hindu and Muslim pupils or their families. [Oh, the horror! Complaints!! -- ed.]

Officials in the London borough of Tower Hamlets decided to remove the buns from menus this year after criticism over its decision to serve pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. A spokesman for the Labour-run council claimed that there had been "a lot" of complaints but did not have a figure.

The spokesman added: "We are moving away from a religious theme for Easter and will not be doing hot cross buns. We can't risk a similar outcry over Easter like the kind we had on Pancake Day. We will probably be serving naan breads instead."
Ladies and gentlemen, you can't write comedy like that!

Hindu naan breads are ok? I guess so, as Britain has given up on its heritage of being a Christian country, apparently.

And here's the kicker, they feel morally superior for having committed suicide.

In the past, individual schools have taken the decision to not serve hot cross buns, but this is the first time local authorities across the country have imposed blanket bans.

Liverpool council, which is controlled by the Liberal Democrats, also told The Telegraph that the symbol of the cross had the "potential to offend" and buns will no longer be served to children.

Despite this ruling, the council confirmed that it will continue to organise special menus to celebrate events as diverse as the Chinese New Year, Italian National Day and Russian Independence Day.

Other councils not serving hot cross buns include York, where Labour is the largest group, and Wolverhampton, which is Labour-run. Officials in Wakefield, which is also controlled by Labour, have decided it would be more appropriate to tailor the Easter menu to information technology.

Are you insane?

"We are not serving hot cross buns at all," said a spokesman. "Each term we try to come up with a menu which encourages children to think about different issues. This Easter term we chose information technology and did not even consider putting hot cross buns on the menu."

Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative MP and former shadow home secretary who is a Roman Catholic convert, described the ban as "appalling and absurd". "These people are silly asses," she said.

"It would appear that we should know about everyone else's culture apart from our Christian tradition. It seems that anything that comes from an ethnic minority is fine, while anything Christian is wrong."
Yeah, it sure would appear that way, wouldn't it?

These people are absolutely disgusting.

They should be the first against the wall when the counter-revolution comes, if it ever does.

These miserable cowards will get exactly what they deserve.

I'm so sick of "diversity", which is just a code-word for "monolithic worship of anything that weakens Western civilization."


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