Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dangerously Stupid, Part 5

Just came across this book at Amazon from a comment at LGF.

I'm not endorsing the book; haven't read it.

But check out the snide Publisher's Weekly "review", how it tosses in an incredibly stupid comment near the end:
From Publishers Weekly
"Hang onto your ball caps and hairpieces, this is going to be monkey-butt ugly." Indeed. Delivering an account of the U.S.'s failures in combatting terror, Hunt, a Fox TV News military analyst and retired army colonel, depicts a world of gutless politicians, bungling bureaucrats, deceitful allies and bleeding-heart liberals. His solution is to expand the armed forces and vastly contract bureaucracy, especially the many intelligence agencies, which he proposes be combined into one central bureau with a single, long-term director who is exempt from testifying before congressional committees. Hunt hates congressional committees and admires elite military teams like the SEALs and Delta Force; he wants them turned loose. Merged into the "TKA" (Terrorist Killing Agency), they would receive intelligence from the now competent intelligence bureau, proceed to wherever terrorists operate and (with or without the host country's permission) kill them.

The author considers Israel an ideal model; its forces, he says, respond viciously to every attack. Legal niceties and public relations take a back seat. Assassination teams travel the world to murder Israel's enemies. (Thoughtful readers may wonder why, after decades of slugging it out, Israel remains wracked with terrorism.) No group escapes the author's venom—or his praise.
Got that? "Thoughtful" readers, i.e. "Liberal, right-thinking" readers, and not "Fox News-watching readers", apparently.

No, how about "Empty-headed readers without a shred of logical ability or historical knowledge and lacking a moral compass." That's more the kind who would wonder about such a thing.

What, if they responded with rainbows and puppy dogs, things would be better?

Is that it?

Well I suppose they would, as Israel would have been destroyed, the Jews scattered, and thus the "Peace of Islam" would indeed reign.

That's like complaining that D-Day was a failure, because we were suddenly fighting more Germans than ever before.

Clearly, to anyone with the observational powers of a lump of mud, Israel's pounding of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership has drastically reduced the abilities of those evil groups to murder the innocent.

The subtext of course, is that if only the "occupation" would end, then they'd be fine. Never mind that from 1948 to 1967, the "Palestinian Territories" were administered by Egypt and Jordan, who never set up a Palestinian State like the UN said they were supposed to, now, did they?

Instead they used those territories as launch points for a series of wars, with the combined armies of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan attempting again and again to crush Israel.

Look at this map! These propaganda pieces regularly omit Israel and label the whole region "Palestine."

Maybe they're still "wracked" by terrorism because they're surrounded and outnumbered 50 to 1 by Islamists who have been trying to wipe them out since forever.

I'm sure the "reviewer's" worldview is shaped entirely by what is heard on NPR and read in the NYTimes.

Thoughtful, indeed.

What would you have Israel do, Publisher's Weekly?

Other than roll over and die?

How should they respond, Publisher's Weekly, when brave "freedom fighters" sneak into homes and shoot infants in the face in their cribs, or snipers target them in their strollers?

Some point to Palestinian casualties as justification. These morons can't see the difference between a deliberate policy of murder, and the unfortunate, unintended consequences to a society that harbors and supports a terrorist movement.

Not to mention that many of the reports of harm to Palestinian children are outright lies, and several photos have been shown to be fraudulent and staged, or taken out of context, not to mention how the brave jihad warriors hide among crowds of children, hoping a stray bullet will make a PR story for them of victimhood -- and when that doesn't happen, deliberately killing their own people themselves and blaming Israel.

It is nothing but sick theatrics, aided and abetted by the international media.

"Thoughtful readers", indeed.


Anonymous Elvin Haspell said...

One thing is for sure, we are going to win or we are going to lose in a huge way in the Middle East.

Besides oil and Israel, the Middle East is irrelevant. We should make it irrelevant all the way by getting rid of oil dependence and by putting Israel on its own-sink or swim-without resort to outside appeal. If Jews want to keep their garrison state there let them finance it, as they have the money. And kick the Middle Easterners out of the West, all of them.

We should tax Middle Eastern oil imports to pay the costs we incur in keeping it flowing. Coal, oil shale, and whatnot would be cheaper than Saudi oil per barrel were this done.

Fourteen words: we must secure...

12:07 PM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shocked at your biased look of the situation in the Middle East. Suggesting that the murders of innocent children and Palestinians are only theatrics and that the terrorists kill their own people to make the rest of the world believe that it is the Israeli government doing these killings. Poor Israel I almost thought after reading your piece...thank god I have a common sense....Please, find out how many UN resolutions Israel has ignored since it became Israel. Please, find out how Israel bullies palestinians by spreading out discriminatory propaganda. And for your own sake, try, at least try, to put yourself in the shoes of others once in a while, to maybe understand what it is like to live in their shoes. I feel sorry for the innocent people that have to die on both sides. And I am enraged by the rest of the world who does not seem to care. And outraged by a country like the US who only supports Israel because of their own hidden agenda. Get your facts straigth, I respect your opinion, but would appreciate a bit more grey shades in a topic that is not meant to be read in a black and white manner!

Dee (from the Netherlands)

7:14 AM, March 11, 2007  
Blogger RDS said...

Dee, thanks for reading.

I am sure I do, however, have my facts straight, and I HAVE put myself in others' shoes -- both the Palestinians AND the Israelis, to draw my conclusions.

Who cares how many UN resolutions Israel has ignored? People making that claim usually don't care how many BINDING UN resolutions that Saddam Hussein ignored.

You mention a "Hidden Agenda." Care to spell that out? What agenda? If it's hidden, how do you know about it? The phrase doesn't mean anything. What are you trying to say? I think you avoid being specific because you know you'd sound silly and perhaps racist and antisemitic to claim that Jewish agents control the US government or something like that?

Right vs Wrong IS black and white.

8:18 PM, March 14, 2007  

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