Sunday, May 22, 2005

Welcome, Atrios Readers!

Wow, my hit counter has gone through the roof. Seems I've been linked to by Atrios, which is something I would have considered highly unlikely. :-)

But the tangled WWW is a strange thing.

If there were any justice, everyone would be going to Chapomatic's blog to read the Gaddis speech, as that is where I found it. I clearly stated in my post that it came from Chapomatic.

And yet, by one of those little random events that mushroom into larger consequences, it has been to my post that others have been linking to as a "primary source", in ever-widening circles of popularity. Obsidian Wings, Free Republic, Dave Trowbridge, and eventually by the process of "six degrees of separation", it winds up at atrios.

I have a feeling this instalanche will not translate into a significant amount of repeat traffic...


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