Saturday, May 21, 2005

Anti-American Media

Found by way of Bernoulli Effect, the Anchoress is getting angry.

Did you see the tape of the reporters sneeringly badgering the Whitehouse spokesman over the Newsweak koran story? They revealed their arrogance and contempt for America.

We could use more anger over this:
This is staggering disrespect from the press. Disrespect for the White House, its representatives and the military.

The press, finally, has gone too far. They’ve crossed a line and revealed - completely and fully revealed - their utter contempt for the military, and their hatred for the president. My journalist friend calls it simple “arrogance.”

No, it’s not “arrogance.” It is hate. It is juvenile. It is mindless. It is kneejerk and reactionary. It is bitter. It is adolescent. And yes, it is real, live hate.

And it is on display for all the world to see. It can no longer be denied or called something else.

Things cannot continue like this. Things are getting out of hand. If American journalists can not find some semblance of professional comportment within themselves, I fear for our nation. I fear that any hope of understanding or co-operation between the coastal elitists and the rest of the nation will be lost. I fear that relations between the two, already wary and distrustful, are going to spiral downward at an accelerated pace, and that cannot be good for our country.
America is going to have to decide, finally, if this snarling, sneering, deaf, accusative, snotty and ultimately unhinged pack is what they want in their most powerful journalists. And she is going to have to make herself heard about it.

The whole world is watching. The press are challenging the president and the military. Our enemies see this.
When Elisabeth Bumiller, employed by the most powerful newspaper in the world, can stand in the White House, and address a representative of the President in the manner of a sulking teenager, “Are you asking them to write a story about how great the American military is; is that what you’re saying here,” and when another can sneer, “With respect, who made you the editor of Newsweak?” (which in any language translates into: “just who the hell do you think you are?”) then we have a serious problem, a problem so thrilling to our enemies, so clearly NOT in the best interest of the nation, that I would hope that even the most partisan among the left could take off the blinders and say, “wait…there IS a standard that our journalists must be held to, regardless of anything or anyone else!”

Certainly in a time of war, that standard might be understood thusly: Journalists are - at the very least - duty-bound not to present themselves in a manner that can only fill our enemies with glee.

If our friends on the left cannot admit to that, then things are very bad, indeed.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, please. Try to control yourselves. Try to comport yourselves in a manner that suggests maturity, civility, professionalism and even - if you can bear to do it, and yes, it takes some maturity - a modicum of objectivity. For the sake of the nation, please, try. Osama bin Laden said that he felt free to attack the US because she had become a “weak horse.” We cannot afford to be seen as conquerable because we are so divided.

I am sorry to say this, Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, but you are now, officially, with this presser, doing the nation much more harm than good. Many of you have decided you are “Journalists first and Americans second.” Okay. But if you do not believe it is your job to do the nation good, I would hope that you also do not believe it is your job to do the nation ill.
But apparently that's EXACTLY how they see their job.

And for that, they'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes (to borrow a line from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that didn't make it into the movie).


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