Thursday, June 16, 2005

Adult Stem Cell Successes

This comment someone left on my recent Stem Cell posting deserves front-page viewership. It just underscores how a political agenda is pushing the less-fruitful avenue of embryonic stem cells, to the detriment of all humanity, because of a fear that budging will amount to some kind of victory for the evil "religious right", and we can't let them get their way even if it happens to be helpful to everyone!
Hi,I am working at a company (Vescell) that is currently treating no-option heart disease patients with adult stem cells (We've treated several patients from the US this year). These are not trials! Our adult stem cell therapy works! We draw about 250cc of blood from the patient's arm and in about one week, expand enough Endothelial Progenitor Cells to be able to treat the patient via catheter implantation into the coronary artery, thoracoscopic implantation into the heart, or direct implantation during a CABG procedure. These cells are not rejected by the body because they are the patient's own cells!Dr. Amit Patel from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was just in Thailand using our therapy to treat one of his patients from America but for some reason, all this news falls upon deaf ears in the States. This treatment is proven and effective unlike embryonic stem cells which as of right now seem to have no practical uses only this "potential" that everyone keeps talking about. When will the US media wake up and smell the coffee? It is frustrating that many lives can be improved and many lives can be saved, but nobody knows about us or similar companies like us.
Gee, think maybe "global warming" might be a political fiction as well?


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