Monday, July 25, 2005

Political Fractures

I've mentioned before that the Democrats seem headed for a split, especially if they keep losing elections. I don't know whether the centrists of the Mike al-Moore wing of loonies will retain the name.

But the splits are becoming apparent.

For example, look at this:
Teamsters, SEIU Decide to Bolt AFL-CIO
CHICAGO - Jolting organized labor, the Teamsters and a massive service employees' union decided Sunday to bolt the AFL-CIO, paving way for two other labor groups to sever ties in the movement's biggest schism since the 1930s.

The four dissident unions, representing nearly one-third of the AFL-CIO's 13 million members, announced they were boycotting the federation's convention that begins Monday, a step that was widely considered to be a precursor to leaving the federation.
The Dems rely on organized labor to turn out the vote. This split could be really bad news.

Also, they're laying the groundwork for a shift in policy that may leave the crazies behind, by getting to the Right of the administration on the GWOT -- which would be fantastic for everyone:
Centrist Dems Urge Military Enlargement
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Centrists who contend Democrats cannot retake the White House until voters trust the party to protect them said Sunday the Army should expand by 100,000 soldiers and that colleges should open their campuses to military recruiters.

"A Democrat has to show the toughness to govern," said Al From, founder of the Democratic Leadership Council. "People don't doubt that Republicans will be tough."

From argued that national security and safety are threshold issues for swing voters who increasingly are trending Republican.
Hundreds of centrist Democrats gathered in Ohio for the annual meeting of the DLC. From and DLC President Bruce Reed argued that Democrats should be more aggressive in pushing values issues and take an unrelenting, hard-line stance against terrorism.

"No political party deserves to win unless it lays out a plan for Americans to win," said From.
This is the most sense I've heard from a Democrat in 5 years.

Not that the Republicans aren't vulnerable to split as well. McCain's writing a lot of lefty legislation, even a ridiculous toothless immigration bill with national disgrace Ted Kennedy (the competing Cornyn-Kyl bill is much better).

I could still see, for example, a Hillary-McCain ticket running against Rudi-Rice in 2008!


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