Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Confessions of a Leftist

Nice bit of satire in a comment by The Honest Liberal at Fourth Rail:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a liberal, some would call me a leftist, but with one main difference from others of my ilk - I am honest about my goals, which are the goals of my ideological bretheren.

We seek to either a) turn the US into a socialist Marxist state, or b) weaken the US to the extent that it no longer can obstruct the socialist revolution.

Why do we want another socialist/Marxist state? Because some of us who are leaders of the movement will be at the top of the ruling order, which would be a great position to be in, just like it was in the Kremlin or in the Chinese CP.

We oppose the Iraq War because it spreads capitalism and democracy to the region. We oppose Bush because he is an easy target to rally the world against (and thus to our cause by default). We managed to turn Hurricane Kartina into a racial issue so that we could heap more world hatred onto the right-wing of America (which we did successfully get away with). We make excuses for the actions of Al-Qaeda because, well, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Thus, we oppose the Patriot Act, Iraq War, Afghan War, etc.

So why am I honest about the liberal agenda and other liberals are not, still pretending to stand for 'peace', 'social justice', 'racial equality', etc. For long, this veil worked, and many naive worker bees joined our cause.

But the time has come to take the movement to the next level, and attract a much larger global following. This can be achieved by being open about our goals. We have already maginalized George Bush to the extent that anything he does can be easily spun to the negative. Imagine, we have trained the public to be more outraged over Abu Ghraib and Halliburton than the London subway bombings or the decrees of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

I thus advocate dropping the veil and being totally honest about our goals.

The leaders of our movement are the two Georges (Soros and Galloway), Michael Moore, many prominent Hollywood Stars, the media, the courts, and the universities.

The pieces are in place, and the time is now.

Note that we control the media, the courts, and the universities. Despite the loss of only 1900 troops and a successful election in January, we have managed to turn the majority opinion against the Iraq War. Most of the world perceives it as a failure, and the US as the villain in this story.

We managed to get away with putting Abu Ghraib everywhere, and the progress that the US makes no-where. That this blog never made it into the mainstream spotlight, despite actually reporting truthful facts that reflect favorably on the US, is proof of this.

We managed to literally ruin the international credibility of the United States over a non-violent incident at Abu Ghraib, while shielding Zarqawi from similar scorn, for his violent activities.

We managed to make the US appear racist and inept over a natural disaster. This is our biggest coup yet.

We are winning. If we weren't, you would not even be here, fighting desperately in a losing battle.


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