Sunday, September 04, 2005

One-issue Daters

You've heard of "one-issue voters"?

How about the growing trend of one-issue daters?

I subscribe to a dating service that caters to graduates of Ivy and similar universities. You can browse the short ads for free, and for a small fee get to buy the fuller, more detailed biography as well as contact information.

One of the long-bio questions is "social/political views."

And I've long noticed that there is something like a 9:1 ratio of self-described "liberal" or "progressive" or "progressively liberal" women to "conservative" or even "moderate" women.

And often they'd declare they require the same leftiness in their partner. I don't ever recall seeing the same from conservatives; there are so few of them anyway.

But lately there's been a shift.

A most palpable shift!

The anti-conservative hostility has become even more pronounced and up-front.

Now they use up valuable word-limit real-estate to make their political dating requirements clear in the free short profiles, instead of saving it for the long bio.

Things like "prefer lefty" or "seeking companion with similar worldview: liberal."

Well, I guess that saves me a few bucks.

I particular like this one from a 28-year-old Yalie in Norwalk:
If you voted for W., please go no further. Other than that, I’m equal opportunity.
Other than that?

As in, "well of course, other than you being an evil baby-eating troglodyte, I'm very open minded."

And another gem:
Seek truly smart, kind, attractive, chivalrous, funny, well read, non-Republican man with inquiring mind, 30-43.
Has "non-Republican" now become one of those total personal-ad cliche words that are just tossed off to mark one as "normal"?

Can lines like, "I like walks on the beach, sunsets, puppies, roaring fireplaces, non-Republicans..." be far off?

While technically and independent and not a Republican, that Christmas Card from W. and Laura B. probably rules me out.

I should write to her and tell her I'm looking forward to Mumia's execution.

Or start using pick-up lines like these.


Blogger Dymphna said...

I first saw this attitude in print in Anne LaMott's book of several years ago. The title skips my mind.

She has a slick writing style and liked it, kind of, until she went on a rant about a Republican she dated. It was ugly and unkind.

Now such things have become commonplace, but what I want to know is how that querent was going to reconcile her need for someone with an inquiring mind who is not a conservative of some sort? To be a Dem is to satisfied with the status quo.

As PJ O'Rourke noted not too long ago, the liberal women who go on those demonstrations are demonstrably unattractive. So go to church, pick up a church babe. Definitely some good looking ones there...hang out at some campus churches.

One of my sons met his wife online...and a fine marriage it is, too.

7:07 PM, September 06, 2005  
Blogger RDS said...

Thanks for the advice!

10:20 PM, September 07, 2005  

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