Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bend Over For Mohammed, Slaves

Shameful cowards:
Muslims win toy pigs ban

NOVELTY pig calendars and toys have been banned from a council office — in case they offend Muslim staff.

Workers in the benefits department at Dudley Council, West Midlands, were told to remove or cover up all pig-related items, including toys, porcelain figures, calendars and even a tissue box featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

Bosses acted after a Muslim complained about pig-shaped stress relievers delivered to the council in the run-up to the Islamic festival of Ramadan.

Muslims are barred from eating pork in the Koran and consider pigs unclean.

Councillor Mahbubur Rahman, a practising Muslim, backed the ban. He said: “It’s a tolerance of people’s beliefs.”
Muslims offend my beliefs; can I get them removed? No?

Bet you surrender monkeys would die while apologizing for getting blood on your overlords.


Blogger Dan Kauffman said...

First Piglet Then Lassie?????????
So Piglet is a big deal and must be removed?
Guess what folks LASSIE is an even BIGGER DEAL to Muslims are we NOW going to remove all evidence of what our Society calls Man's Best Friend from view because to a Believing Muslim

The impurity of dogs is the greatest of animal impurities

12:43 AM, October 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you trust a man who couldn't accept the companionship of a dog?

I wouldn't.

6:54 PM, October 02, 2005  

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