Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sistani's Good Decision

With puritanical islam on the move worldwide, it is not a surprise that it would be trying to gain a foothold in the re-alignment of Iraqi politics. Disturbing incidents by roving self-proclaimed morality police in places such as Basra have caused alarm, and some concern that we have simply swapped one tyrant for another.

Unless imposed from the top by a ruthless force, such as by the thug-backed regimes of the Taliban and the Iranian mullahs, however, the people generally don't want it.

And it looks like the Shiite establishment in Iraq isn't going to try to seize the reins of absolute power. This interesting tidbit from Iraqi blogger, Iraq the Model:
In an important step towards more credible and fair elections, senior cleric Ali al-Sistani announced through his office that he will refrain from receiving any of the political leaders running for office in the next elections and will reject the many requests made by many Iraqi politicians.

In my opinion, such steps constitute real support for the coming elections and a declaration on the part of the Ayatollah of his awareness of the previous mistake when politicians convinced the clergy into endorsing their lists which resulted in rendering the clergy liable for criticism from the public and affected its popularity rewarding the clergy with nothing but contempt from the people due to the poor performance of Jafari’s government.


Don’t think I’m saying that the religious factor has been totally excluded or neutralized for good but I’m trying to say that it’s being reduced in magnitude and influence and the its interference in politics will undoubtedly be less pronounced next time and this is what I believe in.


And I’d like to remind those who persist to say that Iraq is a failed case that next month we will have witnessed three democratic carnivals within only one year, on January, October and one yet to come on December and I believe this alone is a striking proof on the accomplishments of a nation that has just emerged from the horrors of 35 years of tyranny and suppression and what adds to the value of the proofs of this success is that more of the community factions have joined the march and I want to remind you also that we’re human and we do err, one elections is not enough to state whether we’re successful or not and it is dead wrong to judge a country this way; we’re moving forward and nothing can stop the progress, this something I’m damn sure of.
Many refuse to see, but great things are afoot.

The reality on the ground, both with the economy and with Iraq, will eventually be apparent to all, no matter how much the anklebiters try to deny it.

The ebb in Bush's polls has happened too early to help the Dems lie their way back into power in 2006.

It's a hell of a thing to have to finesse a major war on a timetable to outwit seditious Copperheads who are willing to tear this country down just to seize power.

But Bush just might be able to do it.


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