Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wrong Script

Many have commented on the recent incidents at Australia's Sydney beaches.

The media insists on using the wrong script to characterize events:
SYDNEY (AFP) - Sydney's famous beaches were eerily quiet on a hot summer day as fears of a new eruption of racial violence were fuelled by the seizure of petrol bombs and other weapons.

Two thousand police in cars, boats and helicopters, on foot, bicycles and horseback, patrolled beaches hit by unprecedented race riots the previous Sunday between whites and mainly-Muslim Arab-Australians.
They keep calling them race riots. That immediately implies the majority "white" Australians are bad, and the muslim gangs are "good" and "oppressed" -- the old racism script.

To anyone who hasn't been under a rock the last few years (though all too many seem to enjoy living there, unfortunately), it's been clear this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with religion.

This is a religious war, not racism.

There's a huge difference.

Religions, being belief systems that are chosen by their believers, are perfectly legitimate targets of criticism and disapproval, as are those who believe them.

Race, on the other hand, of course isn't determinative of behavior, and is an invalid basis for making value judgments.

But it is not only valid, but obligatory, that we make value judgments based on what people choose to believe, if we are to keep our culture and civilization safe from attack and subversion.

The "racism" script however is designed to keep us from questioning who might be in the wrong in this case.

And it's clear that the beaches had been terrorized by muslim gangs who enjoyed raping women as the allah-sanctioned spoils of jihad, and of harrassing other women they felt were indecently dressed.

This has been going on for years, and it is only now that non-muslims decided to take them on and make a stand, because the PC authorities had let the problem get out of hand.

News reports still make it hard to understand the real underlying causes, instead painting this as simple ugly white supremacy.

But as Belmont Club notes, ignoring the problem in the name of multiculti tolerance only makes it fester until it explodes, and then, guess what, the innocent (i.e., Lebanese Christians) and guilty alike will be caught up in the whirlwind.


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