Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yet More Dating Horror

So, I thought I'd try out PerfectMatch.com, as seen on Must Love Dogs! (I haven't seen that movie, actually. I don't love dogs anyway...much prefer cats...)

The very first e-mail I get is from a member in Toronto who asked,
in your spirtual search was the Islamic faith considered as a choice ? I am planning to take fencing next fall .. how does it as a sport make you feel ? hopw you do not mind me asking ..
Why no, I don't mind you asking.

Indeed, you came to the right place for a discussion of islam!

The real question is, will you mind my answering?

The site's e-mail filters wouldn't let me use the word "rape", or give specific web addresses, so I came up with this reply:

You asked about Islam.

From its own scripture, we know Mohammed lusted for a young girl and consummated his marriage with her at the age of 9 when he was in his 50s! See faithfreedom-dot-org for more proof. He also had many people put to death. How can anyone take the teachings of such an evil man seriously? He preaches that women and theft are allowed as the spoils of jihad. Islam is a criminal enterprise disguised as a religion. It means "submission", not peace. Jesus Christ preached universal love. Mohammed did not. If you're searching, look to Jesus. If you join Islam, make sure you're sure, because the penalty for giving it up is death for the crime of "apostasy." What kind of religion does that to you if you leave? I only answer about this because you asked.

Fencing is fun. It's like high-speed chess. I hope you enjoy it.
Gosh, I can hardly wait for her reply!

Then I was pounced on by three Russians, a Chinese, and a Ghanian.

Most of them have surprisingly professional (and fetching) photographs, and even graduate degrees. Gee, they seem real legit...I'm sure I'll only have to fork over a few thousand bucks for their airfare or to get "Uncle Sasha" out of jail.

I paid for this?

It's a shame, because the PerfectMatch personality profile was actually very accurate and insightful.

Luckily I hedged by also joining Chemistry.com, a spin-off of Match.com that uses myers-briggs-like personality profiling too. Both Chemistry and PerfectMatch are competing with eHarmony and I think they're a little more focused on romantic attraction as a factor, instead of merely long-term psychological compatibility as eHarmony is.

We'll see if they bear any fruit in the next 3-4 months when my subscription runs out...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just heard of a new one...equallymatched.com ("heard" it on the radio so I'm not sure that's the correct way to do the URL...it's a Christian thing...you might try it.
loved your blog...as usual...

4:05 PM, March 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

islam clearly is unsympathetic bout other religions.if its men commit rape its ok ,acceptable,for jehadetc..but dare to get close to their girls and u r conspiring against there religion,culture.christians also have certificate of most efficient homicides standing for them.ltte is hindu.and which religion was clean .ITS HIGH TIME 2 UNDERSTAND THAT WE SHOULD BE FREE TO DEVISE OUR OWN RELIGION AND BELIEFS AND SHOULDN'T GO BY WAT OTHER MORTALS VE WRITTEN(MOHAMMAD JESUSETC..)patriotism &religion should beleft as they ve caused more bloodshed than antthing else.WHATIS RIGHT IS RIGHT .ITS ABSOLUTE .NOT RIGHT FOR 1 &WRONG FOR OTHER.EDUCATE MUSLIMS INFUSE LIBERTY TOLERANCE THRU EDUCATION.AND THEN WE CAN FREE ISLAM OF ITS EVILS WHICH LIKE OTHER RELIGIONS IS FLAWED

2:53 AM, September 29, 2006  

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