Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Ice Thickens

Not so pat, is it?
Ice 'Thickens' in West Antarctica
New research has found that parts of the ice sheet that covers West Antarctica may be getting thicker, not thinner, as scientists have feared.
How inconvenient!
While the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is considered relatively safe, there have been fears that climate change could cause the WAIS to disintegrate, raising global sea levels by as much as five metres.

That could have a catastrophic effect on coastal communities.

Most researchers are agreed that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been retreating over the last 10,000 years, but the new findings, published in the journal Science, could be evidence that that this trend is about to be reversed.
So it's been retreating since LONG before humans supposedly began ruining the planet with industrial gases in the last 100 years?

Like, for 100 times as long? (100 x 100 years = 10,000 years)

And now that's reversing?

Doubly inconvenient for the 'Global Warming' acolytes.

A thorough fisking of the report is here.


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