Friday, December 29, 2006


As happens once in a while, last Friday (Dec. 22) this humble blog had an "instalanche" of 450 visitors, which is about ten times the usual amount. There was a secondary blip on Sunday.

That usually indicates someone up the foodchain put a link to here -- sometimes as an actual blog posting, or sometimes simply in a comment by a reader at a larger blog.

I didn't notice this until it was too late to find out where the traffic was coming from, as the free counter stats only save that info from the last 100 visitors and there were no obvious stragglers coming in by mid-week when I tried to check.

So if anyone is coming back here after having been directed by a link last weekend, please let me know where it was, as I am interested. Or if you were the linker and are still reading, drop me a line or leave a comment here please.

Sometimes links happen from hostile lefty blogs, but there were no nasty comments left so it probably wasn't from one of those this time.

In addition to my small core of regular readers, I've noticed I'm getting more and more traffic from random google searches. Certain search terms are very popular in driving people to this blog.

One of the top ones is probably "eating roadkill" if you can believe it! That posting mocking the practice gets lot of traffic from people presumably interested in doing it, as there is a continual trickle of outraged comments condemning me and Western civilization left at that article.

The "Rangers at Pointe du Hoc" is also common, as is "Laser gunship."

Next are "M1 Garand," "Grand Strategy," "Electoral College," and "Immodest Proposal."

I sometimes get hits from people searching for the "Alexander Method" but they're likely looking for the exercise system, not the "untieable knot" which also does come up in searches from time to time.

Thanks all for reading!


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