Friday, February 16, 2007

Terror Free Gasoline

More news which seems odd, which really points to a bigger picture:

US activist pushes 'terror-free' gas

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The first "terror-free" gas station was inaugurated this week in Omaha, Nebraska aiming to send a message to Middle Eastern oil producers thought to sponsor terrorism.

The station in the central US state greets customers with large "terror-free" signs and the pumps proudly proclaim that the oil being drawn is "terror-free premium" or "terror-free super."

Messages plastered inside the station's convenience store drive home the message that it only sells oil from Canada and the United States and supports the war on terror.

"We know that when we go to the pumps we are sending our hard-earned dollars to a part of the world that wishes to destroy us," Joe Kaufman, who is behind the "Terror-Free Oil Initiative" (TFO) which runs the station, told AFP.

The TFO logo combines the twin towers of the New York City World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington, and designations for United Airlines flight 93 and three other aircraft which were hijacked and crashed into those buildings in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

"We created this initiative to make a statement to those gasoline companies that purchase their crude oil in the Middle East, that we as Americans are sick and tired of financing our own demise," Kaufman said.
"We're not under any illusion that we're going to make a dent in the oil market or in the oil or gasoline business, but we're just trying to make a statement," he said. "We believe in the war on terrorism and we're doing our small part as Americans to fight that war."
Congress may refuse to drill in ANWR but The People will lead.

This is a small gesture, but it shows a critical mass of people have awoken to the problem at hand -- and are doing something about it.

Imagine millions of such "small parts" mobilized in the GWOT!

As Belmont Club has discussed for years, non-government action works both ways, and one should worry much more about the private resources of the educated and affluent West.
Warfare was once the province of states, but as al-Qaeda proved, probably to the cost of everyone on the planet, small extremist organizations can wage combat effectively. In discussing portable and deniable nuclear weapons, I noted that there was no reason in principle why anti-Jihadi or anti-anyone extremist groups couldn't come up with them. After all, why should a bunch of Pakistani scientists be able to come up with something that an equivalent group of Indian or Israeli private citizens couldn't.

Bill Roggio is probably correct in thinking that coincidences like this are really suspicious. But it would probably be more frightening if none of the secret services all around the world knew who blew up the IGRC [Iranian military] bus.
Perhaps not coincidentally, my old posting on Letters of Marque and Reprisal has been getting lots of google search hits lately.

My Mother remembers, as a small child during WW2, collecting and flattening tin cans for the war effort. It was a small, but important, part on the Road to Victory.

Find your own small part, and do it secure in the knowledge that it belongs to a larger, unstoppable wave.

Even a tsunami is just lots of little drops.

Terror Free Oil is one of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terror Free Oil is not for patriotism or to fight terrorism, it is a scam to take advantage of the war. See the expose at

10:11 PM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger RDS said...

Interesting points, but your presentation is slanted as well by your own agenda.

Your agenda is "anti hate speech in all its forms", but I am "anti anti hate speech" because I oppose the notion of Thoughtcrime and attempts to control discourse through language policing.

Your first point, that we import little or no oil anyway from the small list of countries on the State Dept list of terror supporting regimes is a cute technicality but not a serious argument. We know where the zakat goes. Arabia's state religion is Wahabbism, which is one of the ideologies at war with us, even though it's not on the Magic List.

Your second point is that the oil here isn't 100% pure non-Middle Eastern. To be cute like you, I could argue that who cares, since you already proved it wasn't coming from "technical" terror regimes anyway -- so they have truth in advertising, don't they? Terror Free!

However, since oil is fungible and blended all over the place, the fact that they DO say "most" of it is North American is pretty much the best one can do -- and it's a good start.

From your quotes, for reference:
Dalton Kehlbeck, a regional manager for Salt Lake City-based Sinclair, said most of the company's oil comes from the U.S. or Canada, but some is bought on the New York Mercantile Exchange, where oil from all over the world is traded.

"It's a basket of crude oil," he said of the exchange oil. "We cannot be sure where the conglomeration of the product comes from."

The same is true of most oil products sold in the United States.

Under those circumstances, having "most" be from North America is fine by me.

12:42 AM, February 17, 2007  
Blogger Exposing Phonys to the World said...

I wouldn't put too much stock in what the phony "rev" says he paid for his ordination from The Universal Life Church but at one time he made the claim that he was a new kind of Catholic minister.
Modesto, CA is ULC headquarters and Bishop Kirby Hensley is a ULC bishop
He's one of those pathetic individuals who ten years ago pretend he was dying from assorted aliments.

"Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said "Yeah, I'm too young and handsome to die", but now I'm not so sure that I'm so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August."

These days he is now making the claim that he is a 26 year veteran of the USN, with a military career in counterterrorism. ( , , , , )

Sutter has also claimed to have earned He has claimed to have earned four Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and one Navy Cross.

Yet there is no record of a James M Sutter ever earning a Navy Cross. Oh and he is so stupid he even displays his purple hearts wrong on his web page. No one wears four Purple Heart ribbons they use oak clusters you lying fraud. Not to mention the Luzer didn’t know that Lieutenant Commander is abbreviated as LCDR, not LDCR.

Rev. Jim Sutter
LDCR, USN (ret.)

When the man breaths it is a lie.

6:48 PM, April 17, 2007  

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