Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Victory Caucus

Don't just sit there reading a blog, do something!

I just got this e-mail from N.Z. Bear who administers the amusing TTLB ecosystem thingy on the right-hand sidebar.

After recently launching this petition drive about the anti-victory non-binding resolution in the Senate, he's going further to organize for political action:
I am pleased to announce that we have now taken the next step in organizing those of us who feel that victory is the only option in our current global conflict. Today, we have launched a new web site: The Victory Caucus (http://victorycaucus.com).

At the site, you will find news and information on the war, discussion forums to share your views, and concrete ways to help support our troops and communicate to our leaders that victory is what we demand.

We are pleased to have assembled a serious group of serious thinkers on the war to act as our Board of Governors, including:

Dean Barnett
Austin Bay
Matthew Currier Burden (Blackfive)
Frank Gaffney
Hugh Hewitt
Ed Morrissey
'Publius' and 'Joe Gish', two formidable experts on the war whose
current occupations require they remain pseudonymous

The Board is currently kicking off the first of many discussions on our group blog, taking on the most fundamental question of all: how do we define victory?

I hope you will visit the site and join us in sending a message to our leaders, our troops, and the world that America will not flinch from the fight, and that we will not settle for anything less than victory.

Best regards,

Tell Congress!

Demand Victory!


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