Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reid Despondent

I loved this moment from a few days ago.

Poor Harry Reid looked so old, defeated, and despondent!

He finally realized the President wasn't going to go along with his political games and agree to sign "non-binding" withdrawal timetables for the troops, in order to get all the funding he wanted -- plus billions in juicy extra pork spending!

A little bribe, a little wink, and all sides could claim victory.

So Reid thought.

And then the Democrats could continue to snipe and ankle-bite and complain the President wasn't listening to the will of the people by not invoking the non-binding withdrawal timetable, all the while avoiding any kind of responsibility themselves to provide a solution, or to have to take a real stand to really cut off the funding.

Democrats made a deal with the Devil in pandering to their anti-war lefty base and thought they could finesse it.

But Bush wouldn't play ball.


Looks like total capitulation is the only option, Reid! You painted yourself into a corner!

How's it feel to alienate half your base, and the most vocal part at that?

Here's the sweet video clip, it's the second one on the page with a brief commercial intro.

Here is his pathetic whining:
"To say I was disappointed in the meeting is an understatement," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. "I really did expect that the president would accept some accountability for what we're trying to accomplish here."

Thought he'd pull you out of the fire, eh?

He continued to ramble, weak and glum:
What are we trying to accomplish?

We, the people's body, the Congress, are speaking for the American people.

The American people want our troops to come home. The American people expect the president to respond to some basic things, like a timeline, like to make sure there's troop readiness.

And the answer that we got time after time in the meeting we had this morning is the president would take no responsibility. That's too bad. We wanted to make sure that there was an understanding from the president's representatives that this had nothing to do with domestic discretionary spending -- even though they are emergencies. We said we want the president to have accountability.

We do not want anything to take away from that fact. So if you want to do away with all domestic discretionary spending, we will take, in exchange for that, in a split second, accountability for the president what's going on in Iraq. What we passed, with the president even being able to waive some of the timelines and the readiness accountability -- no, everything was no.
Go to bed old man!


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