Thursday, June 28, 2007

Go To Bed, Old Man

Tutu calls for better media reporting of religion
LONDON (Reuters) - Archbishop Desmond Tutu called on the media on Wednesday to be more careful in their choice of words when reporting on religious conflict.
In other words, all that tiptoeing around about islamic jihad is still shedding too much light on an uncomfortable subject.

"I would hope that you in the media would be passionate about letting people judge for themselves, that you would be careful about some of the language that you do actually use," he said.

"'Muslim terrorism' - have you ever read anywhere 'Christian terrorism'? - as if Islam propagates violence...
Yeah, as if!

"We Christians ought to get off our high horse and learn to be a great deal more humble, when you look at our history, the bloody things that we did in the name of religion," he said.
Anyone can do anything in the name of anything; who cares? The point should be whether such behavior is actually justified by the ideology.

We know people can be bad. Duh.

In judging belief systems, the real question is does it tend to bring out the best or worst of human tendencies?

Oh, I guess I forgot about all that "strike off the head of the unbeliever until they submit to dhimmi status and agree to pay the jizya" and "rape is the god-sanctioned reward to the jihad warrior" that Jesus personally preached -- never mind, Tutu is right.

Oh, sorry, that wasn't Jesus, that was mo-ham-mud.

Tutu: Go to bed old man!


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