Thursday, June 21, 2007

Three Percent

I usually give little weight to polls, as they are easily manipulated and pure democracy (i.e. "mob rule") is a bad system.

And typically preferences break by rather small margins either way.

But this result is just astounding:
The Zogby Interactive poll of 8,300 adults nationwide finds just 3 percent of Americans viewing Congress's handling of the immigration issue in favorable terms, while 9 percent say the same of the president - even as respondents in the survey rated it the second most important issue facing the country, after the war in Iraq.
Three percent!

Since when did 97% of Americans agree on anything political?

This is such an outlier of a result that it must have real significance.

That's just astonishing!

Take note, Congress!

Keep up the pressure, people -- even the special interests only get one vote per person, just like you!

The media's power to shape opinion by making silent majorities feel they are hopelessly outnumbered, out of the mainstream and inevitably headed to defeat, is broken.


Blogger The_Bad said...

I think that this says it all:

“During a rally in support of the Senate’s immigration bill last Thursday - Senators Ted Kennedy, Mel Martinez and others frequently referred to a large stack of boxes they said contained a million letters of support for immigration reform.

But Roll Call Newspaper reports one of its photographers checked the boxes and found they were empty. And a spokesman for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus - which helped coordinate the event - confirms that is true.”

12:53 PM, June 21, 2007  

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