Friday, January 11, 2008


Oh, the irony!

A fantasy ideology spawns unintended consequences -- that I happen to embrace!

Britain backs new nuclear power plants

LONDON - The British government on Thursday approved construction of the first new nuclear power plants in a generation, saying atomic energy could help fight climate change and secure the country's energy supplies in an increasingly unstable world.

Britain joins a growing list of countries rethinking the long-unpopular nuclear option, driven by global warming, geopolitical uncertainty and rising fuel prices.
The best part:
Environmentalists, however, condemned the move as an expensive and dangerous folly that would divert resources from the search for genuinely clean forms of energy.
Doesn't anything make them happy?

Other than human extinction?

Anyway, I loved this reference:
Nuclear opponents also evoke the memory of Britain's worst nuclear accident, a fire at the Windscale reactor in northwest England in 1957 that released radioactivity into the surrounding area.

That word haunted me ever since Richard Burton's comatose telekinetic character scrawled it on a pad in the movie The Medusa Touch.

Many commenters recall a similar effect from seeing that movie when young! I had no idea what it meant at the time but it was chilling.



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